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Apa Ada Pada Nombor II

Today is 29th February 2008. Leap year.
Only happens once in 4 years. (More or less like the general election?).

So I better send my birthday wish to my brother in law before the end of today. Kalau miss nak kena tunggu 4 tahun lagi. Kesiannya dia.

Luckily my brother in law is not in the country at the moment. He is currently posted in Surabaya. If he's around, surely my younger brother and I will kidnap him tonight and ask him to 'open table' for us.
4 tahun sekali, apa salahnya.

Apa Ada Pada Nombor?

These pictures were uploaded for Ayoh Keng.

Semoga beliau akan mendapat inspirasi untuk membuat entry tentang nombor 8.

Selepas entry beliau tentang nombor 4.

P/s: sebenarnya tgh sibuk dan kurang idea nak berblog.

Kak Long's Birthday

My Dearest Kak Long,

Selamat menyambut ulang tahun hari lahir yang ke 10 buat Kak Long.

May all your wishes come true.

But you must remember, all your wishes will only come true if you work hard, and put all your efforts to make them becoming reality - otherwise they remain nothing but wishful thinking.

Pesan Baba,

Kurangkan berkhayal.....
Concentrate on what you want to do and the tasks in your hand;
Continue with your kind and sisterly caring attitude to your siblings; and
Always be my sweetheart!


Kak Long had a bad fall from from her bicycle during the year end school break. Two days before Hari Raya Aidiladha.

I rushed to her aid when I heard Kak Long screamed in pain. Her bicycle was in the drain beside my house and she was sprawling at the edge of the drain.

It looked quite serious. Blood oozing out from a cut on her forehead. She panicked seeing so much blood on her hands and t-shirt. I quickly checked the extend of the injuries.

AlhamdulilLah, only a cut on her forehead tha…


Dalam perjalanan ke sekolah....dialog dengan Abang Akmal pagi tadi.

Baba,....banyaknya bendera.
Ya...tak lama lagi nak mengundi

Mengundi tu macam mana?
Mengundi tu Baba pergi pilih orang yang Baba suka, lepas tu diorang kira, sapa banyak dia menang.

Macam AF tu...?
Ya, macam AFUNDI tu....

Yang hijau tu bendera parti ya Ba?
Ya, bendera parti

Tu...yang biru? Bendera parti jugak?

Yang tu...yang merah dengan putih pastu ada pedang?
Ya, tu pun bendera parti jugak, tapi tu bukan pedang. Tu gambar keris.

Kalau menang, diorang buat party ke?
Hah?!! Kah3x....

[***Terkedu sekejap. Dalam hati - ya kalau menang diaorang ber'party' sakan - party menghabiskan duit rakyat.]

Thursday (Batik Day)

Today is Thursday. It has been a week since my last posting.

Are you wearing batik today?



I'm probably the last person on this earth to wear a batik shirt. I don't know why.


I know there are lots of new interesting designs even for guys. But still I could not get over with the above equation.

Bayangkan, pergi ofis pakai batik, lepas waktu pejabat jumpa client/lepak kat DOME KLCC sampai malam pun pakai batik.....wooo, tak tercapai akal ku!

Bayangkan, pergi ofis pakai batik, aircond kat opis sejuk gila, nak pakai blazer atau jacket over the batik shirt......ishhh, tak masyukk langsung! Terasa macam akak-akak kat kaunter opis gomen yang pakai baju kurung dan pakai blazer sebab sejuk. Ahhh rela aku mati kesejukkan.

For your information, I only have one (yes only one) batik shirt. I bought that shirt long time ago, may be even before the year 2000. That was when one evening my boss dragged me to attend a dinner hosted by Dewa…

Oh...Another Pilot

Another pilot was caught by the Australian authorities with child pornography videos in his lap top!. And he works for SIA!

I'm not sure whether it's a relief for MAS as now they (MAS) could say '...Hey look, not only MAS' pilot was caught with kiddie porn, SIA's pilot was caught too!'.

Read the STAR timestamped 14 February 2008 4.11PM
Aussies fine SIA pilot caught with porn RM33,000 SINGAPORE: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilot caught with pornographic material at Adelaide International Airport last Saturday has been charged and fined A$12,000 (RM33,500) by Australian authorities. Captain Ng Kok Yauw, 41, a Malaysian national, was the third person arrested by the Australian Customs Service in less than a week as part of a crackdown on attempts to smuggle pornography into the country through Adelaide. What's wrong with these people? Help me...I don't understand this.
And did you notice? That guy is a Malaysian.
My previous entry on this.

Look who's lying?

Yesterday (12 February 2008) he said, the Parliament would not be dissolved tomorrow (means today (13 February 2008)) when he was asked by the reporters.

And today at noon, he made the announcement that the Parliament has been officially dissolved after obtaining the consent of DYMM Agung in the morning.


Bernama, timestamped 12 February 2008 20.27PM

BANGI, Feb 12 (Bernama) -- Parliament will not be dissolved tomorrow to pave the way for the 12th general election, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today.

"No, not tomorrow," he told reporters.

Read Bernama, timestamped 13 February 2008 13.06PM

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 13 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today announced the dissolution of Parliament to pave the way for the 12th general election.

The announcement was made at a media conference at his office here and telecast live on RTM1 at noon.

The prime minister also advised all the state governments, except Sarawak, to dissolve thei…


This is sick and outrageously embarrassing.

From the Star online:

‘Porn pilot’ ‘under probe MAS conducting internal enquiryBy TEH ENG HOCK PETALING JAYA: The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) pilot, who was caught and fined for importing child pornography in Adelaide, has been relieved of flying duties to facilitate an internal enquiry by the national carrier. In a statement, MAS group human resources senior general manager Effendi Abdul Rahman said: “We are first conducting an internal enquiry into this matter. Based on the findings, any further action taken will be in accordance with the MoU between Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysia Airlines Pilots Association (MAPA).” The pilot, who was identified by Australian news portals ABC News andthe Adelaide Advertiser as Ahmad Said, 25, was arrested by Customs officers at the Adelaide International Airport last Thursday after they found three video files containing child pornography in his laptop. ABC News said that when the pilot arrived a…

Breakfast @ KLIA

I was up early this morning to catch a flight to Kuching. Since KLIA provides free WIFI, why not blog hopping while having breakfast?. My colleagues were nowhere to be seen as yet. I know it's going to be a tiring day because we have a meeting scheduled and a due diligence exercise to be conducted at client's office today and I will later have to catch 8.00PM flight back to KL tonite. My colleagues will be staying until the due diligence is compeleted.

I used to do first flight in last flight out to Kuching quite regularly few years ago but nowadays, I will try to avoid if possible. Memang memenatkan.


So how was your extended weekend?

Mine was spent at home with the kids. Not even merayau-rayau at shopping complexes. I told the kids that shopping complexes were closed because CNY. But then they saw live telecast of lion dance from One Utama on tv3!. Kah3x.

The main reason was that since we had spent 3D 2N at Port Dickson the week before from 1st - 3rd of February, so we w…

Quick Updates

Quick updates before I go back home because I would not be able to go online at home until the my home WIFI is fixed. It was my own doing - last week I accidentally pushed the reset button on the wifi router instead of pushing the on/off button of the streamyx modem.

So I couldn't get connected to the internet for almost a week (to the delight of my Wife heh he!).


To continue from the last entry....

I was lucky the meeting at MOF was short and fruitful. Well of course there were debates and arguments between the Treasury solicitors and my clients and yours truly on why we want this clause to be in; why you want that clause to be out - the normal stuffs when you have two (group of) lawyers sitting on the opposite side of the table. But still I count myself lucky because the Treasury solicitors only wanted to discuss one document instead of the whole 12 documents!.


Towards the end of office hours, my partner sent me an SMS that she wanted to meet me at t…