Breakfast @ KLIA

I was up early this morning to catch a flight to Kuching. Since KLIA provides free WIFI, why not blog hopping while having breakfast?. My colleagues were nowhere to be seen as yet. I know it's going to be a tiring day because we have a meeting scheduled and a due diligence exercise to be conducted at client's office today and I will later have to catch 8.00PM flight back to KL tonite. My colleagues will be staying until the due diligence is compeleted.

I used to do first flight in last flight out to Kuching quite regularly few years ago but nowadays, I will try to avoid if possible. Memang memenatkan.


So how was your extended weekend?

Mine was spent at home with the kids. Not even merayau-rayau at shopping complexes. I told the kids that shopping complexes were closed because CNY. But then they saw live telecast of lion dance from One Utama on tv3!. Kah3x.

The main reason was that since we had spent 3D 2N at Port Dickson the week before from 1st - 3rd of February, so we would just spend our time at home. The truth was I need the whole extended weekend to finish my outstanding works since I wold be away from office for the whole of today.

The kids had a blast of time at PD. We drove back to Ayer Keroh to fetch my mother in law and then went straight to check in at the hotel. The whole 3 days when we were there were spent on the beach and at the pool. By 7.00AM the kids were up and went to the beach with their nenek. They were back for breakfast for a short while, change to their swimming attires and off to the beach again until almost 11.00AM. Then they headed to the pool until way past noon. Same activities were repeated in the afternoon.

Thank God, the whether was very kind to us. Tak hujan dan tak panas terik.


OK, off for now. Ciao.


bunga rampai said…

Oooohhh ... sarapan kat KLIA sangatlah mahal :-(

Hujung minggu jalan-jalan makan angin :-) Dan hati tercalar:-( Nak tau kenapa, baca entri terkini.

Moga minggu ini yang baik dan indah buat OSH.
CikRampai: memang mahal; secawan teh dan sekeping puff tuna sudah mencecah RM12.00.

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