Apa Ada Pada Nombor II

Today is 29th February 2008. Leap year.
Only happens once in 4 years. (More or less like the general election?).

So I better send my birthday wish to my brother in law before the end of today. Kalau miss nak kena tunggu 4 tahun lagi. Kesiannya dia.

Luckily my brother in law is not in the country at the moment. He is currently posted in Surabaya. If he's around, surely my younger brother and I will kidnap him tonight and ask him to 'open table' for us.
4 tahun sekali, apa salahnya.


Anonymous said…
Akif is born on the 28th of February. I just met someone who is born on the 29th of February. And guess what? She has an elder sister who is also born on the 29th of February.

What are the chances of that?
Ailin: Happy belated birthday to your Big Man. Two in the family born on the 29th of Feb? Mmmmm...must be precise timing.

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