This is sick and outrageously embarrassing.

From the Star online:

‘Porn pilot’ ‘under probe MAS conducting internal enquiry

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) pilot, who was caught and fined for importing child pornography in Adelaide, has been relieved of flying duties to facilitate an internal enquiry by the national carrier.

In a statement, MAS group human resources senior general manager Effendi Abdul Rahman said:

“We are first conducting an internal enquiry into this matter. Based on the findings, any further action taken will be in accordance with the MoU between Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysia Airlines Pilots Association (MAPA).”

The pilot, who was identified by Australian news portals ABC News and the Adelaide Advertiser as Ahmad Said, 25, was arrested by Customs officers at the Adelaide International Airport last Thursday after they found three video files containing child pornography in his laptop.

ABC News said that when the pilot arrived at the airport, he told them he did not have anything to declare.

But when Customs officers searched his laptop, they found the child video files.

The Adelaide Advertiser reported that the videos were titled “Reped Virgin”, “10-Year Old” and “High School Students.”

His lawyer told the court that Ahmad had been e-mailed the video files and had not shown them to anyone else.

“He was simply reckless, this was not material brought in to be disseminated,” lawyer Stephen Barratt had told the Adelaide court.

And in my flight to Kuching yesterday, the front cover of MAS in-flight magazine proudly read "MH stands for Malaysian Hospitality" and there was a picture of Idris Jala signing off his message as "Chief MH Officer".

Oh, do you remember the video of a pilot's (or was it a senior flight steward's) rendezvous with a flight stewardess? I remember the video maker was charged in court sometimes ago.

And this is Rocky's take on the matter.


Helena said…
Ooo melayu ke pilot dia.... malunya... i mean child porn pulak tu, disgusting.....

i read in the papers that he is married with 2 kids.

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