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Quick updates before I go back home because I would not be able to go online at home until the my home WIFI is fixed. It was my own doing - last week I accidentally pushed the reset button on the wifi router instead of pushing the on/off button of the streamyx modem.

So I couldn't get connected to the internet for almost a week (to the delight of my Wife heh he!).


To continue from the last entry....

I was lucky the meeting at MOF was short and fruitful. Well of course there were debates and arguments between the Treasury solicitors and my clients and yours truly on why we want this clause to be in; why you want that clause to be out - the normal stuffs when you have two (group of) lawyers sitting on the opposite side of the table. But still I count myself lucky because the Treasury solicitors only wanted to discuss one document instead of the whole 12 documents!.


Towards the end of office hours, my partner sent me an SMS that she wanted to meet me at the meeting room. Unsuspectingly I went to the room and the staffs were all there with a birthday cake. Alaaahai.....I didn't really fancy this birthday celebration thingy.

Dah tua. Staf pulak sengaja nak kenakan bos. Siap letak lilin lagi.....Lagi lah terasa lanjut usia. 3 + 9 batang lilin tu. Bukannya sikit. Penuh kek dengan lilin. Cakap kat staf, 'Tak pe...tahun depan sikit balik...4 batang aje."

Diorang lagi pandai jawab...."Tak En. M, tahun depan kitaorang cari kek 4 tingkat, lilin 10 batang setiap level."

The staffs reminded me to include their wishes before I blew the candles.

So what's your wish?

"Moga-moga dapat increment tahun ni"
the replied came from the staffs, almost in unison.

Aduuiihh. Sama lah dengan wish orang kat rumah tu. My Wife pun dah kenen2 mintak naik dia punya personal allowance.


Amongst the many SMS birthday wishes that I received that day, I felt a lump in my throat when I received this SMS from my mother in law early in the morning when I was driving to work.
Jadikan Al Quran sbg penawar hati
Zikrullah sbg penghibur hati
Solat sbg pelindung diri
Taqwa sbg baja dlm taman hati
Dan mak sbg ibu mu sejati
Terkedu sekejap.

Once reached office, I had to take deep breath to calm myself and replied,
Tq. U hv been my mum since I married yr daughter. Terima kasih Mak.
She shouldn't have asked me to take her as my mum; she didn't need to; for I had taken her as my mum a long time ago. If I was with her then, I would have knelt in front of her and asked for forgiveness; as if there were things that I did or I said that make her think that I still considered her anything less than as my own mother.

Mak, I treat you with my highest respect and love that I would have accorded to my own mum.

There was one particular occasion that I made me feel that I finally found a mother after my own mum. It was from that point onwards that finally I felt as if I was accepted as a son by my mother in law; no longer a son in law.

InshaAllah, will share later.


P/s: ada draft dokumen nak kena hantar malam ni jugak.


bunga rampai said…
Oh, tak sangka senyuman saya membaca kek 4 tingkat tu tiba-tiba hilang, dan air mata menitis selesai saja membaca bab Mak itu. Aduhai.

CikRampai: seorang ibu terlalu tinggi darjatnya.
IBU said…

39 candles? Banyak tuhhh... hehehe... but hey, it's just a number.

One cool ibu-mertuamu you have there. She must love you to the bones I think?! Good for you OSH.

Take care.
wan said…
Kek 4 tingkat tahun depan? :D
Ibu: thanks, lama tak dengar cerita Ibu.

Wan: kah3x
Ibu: thanks, lama tak dengar cerita Ibu.

Wan: kah3x

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