Oh...Another Pilot

Another pilot was caught by the Australian authorities with child pornography videos in his lap top!. And he works for SIA!

I'm not sure whether it's a relief for MAS as now they (MAS) could say '...Hey look, not only MAS' pilot was caught with kiddie porn, SIA's pilot was caught too!'.

Read the STAR timestamped 14 February 2008 4.11PM

Aussies fine SIA pilot caught with porn RM33,000

SINGAPORE: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilot caught with pornographic material at Adelaide International Airport last Saturday has been charged and fined A$12,000 (RM33,500) by Australian authorities.

Captain Ng Kok Yauw, 41, a Malaysian national, was the third person arrested by the Australian Customs Service in less than a week as part of a crackdown on attempts to smuggle pornography into the country through Adelaide.

What's wrong with these people? Help me...I don't understand this.

And did you notice? That guy is a Malaysian.

My previous entry on this.


pB said…

eventho SIA , tapi dia rakyat Mesia ...

memalukan jer ....

bahana otak BIRU
bunga rampai said…

Yang biru-biru mengasyikkan membawa kepada kelalaian, merapuhkan diri.

Tapi bendera-bendera biru masih juga dijulang-julang ... alahai!
sya said…
Penyakit akhir zaman.. tak kira apa jugak warna bendera yg dijulang2 akan ada jugak manusia yg sakit jiwa begini...

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