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Cycle in the rain

"Circle in the sun, round and round...." that intro of the song by belinda carlisle somewhre in early 80's kept ringing in my ears when I was cycling this morning.

The only thing was that the lyrics were changed to "cycle in the rain, round and round....".

Yes, it rained when my friends and I were doing Semenyih - Lenggeng - Ulu Branang - Broga - Semenyih route. We had to cut short the trip because of the rain. So, bukit mandom, I will try to conquer you next time.

Distance covered: about 60km with my new tourer bike.

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Was having conversation with Akid while having dinner last nite.

"Baba, fish Akid dah mati"

"Ye ke? Akid tak bagi dia makan kot..."

"Takk...Akid bagi dia makan. Bagi makan petang dengan malam..."

"Akid tak bagi dia makan lauk kot....."

"Apa la Baba ni, ikan mana makan lauk. Akid rasa Akid tahu kenapa dia mati..."


"Sebab dia duduk kat bawah sangat, mesti la lemas!"

"Oh, camtu. Mungkin la kot"

Nasib baik Aku tak tersedak nasi.

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2011 Already?

Are we alredy in 2011?

Damn, how fast time flies. Today my accounts staff would probably ask me to sign the cheques to pay for the staffs' January's salarie.

I was early to office this morning. By 8.00AM I was already parked my car at the basement when my wife called.

"Abang tak bawak beg ofis?"

And only then I realised, in my haste to reach office early, I forgot to bring my laptop knapsack.

Arrghh....what was in my mind this morning?

And this is only my first entry of the year. Bad....

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