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After three attempts, finally I managed to complete my full marathon below 6 hours!!

Gun time 05:47:29 and Net time 05:44:25 at Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2013 last sunday 29th september 2013.
My first FM was 06:28 in 2011 and my second FM was 06:23 last year. Both at SCKLM.
I am still on cloud nine!

Alhamdulillah.  Now can rest from FM.  I want to enjoy and put more cycling mileage after this.

Brothers in arms

I like this picture very much....Arif was holding his elder brother's hands. And both of them were smiling! And owwh, the sarong pants were bought in PD last weekend.


Reminding myself of the benefits of HIIT....

More Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist.

Level 3....

Satu petang menjelang maghrib.

Setelah lama 'berperang' dengan Ibunya, akhirnya Arif keluar dari bilik mandi.

Arif: "Ba,...dah mandi".
Baba: "(serius) susah sangat ke nak mandi?"
Arif: "susah Ba..."
Baba: "(masih serius)...apa yang susahnya?"
Arif: "sebab 'Level' dia susah"
Baba: "(mandi) level berapa?"
Arif: "level 3..."

***Adoi, ni semua pengaruh main games terlebih la ni.

Arif and Ibu

Arif with his Ibu, Mama & Mummy.

While everybody in the house call their mother Ibu, Arif is the only one who calls his mother with either Ibu, Mama or Mummy at his discretion. 
Ikut suka hati dia aje.   

Run, Bike or Just Do Whatever You Like

This is the game plan for this weekend.

Friday Night: Futsal match with fellow SDARA '84. It will be competitive game, I can ensure that even though we call it friendly game. He will not be a friendly when inter-batch bragging rights are at stake plus a challenge trophy to grab!

Saturday: to rest for running event on Sunday, but of course that will include normal and usual Saturday duties. Kids have co-curriculum activities in the morning and tuitions in the afternoon. Also need to go to pasar tani to buy usual stuffs.

Sunday: I have to choose between running for 14.5km somewhere in Puncak Alam in the Dragon Back Run 2013, or to participate in the 48km Challenge Category in the middle of Kuala Lumpur in the OCBC Ride 2013.

I am choosing to do the Dragon Back Run, because of the challenge it provides. Not often you will get the opportunity to tackle the hills of the famous dragon back route on foot. I have tackled the route on my bike before and the sight of the rolling hi…