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Indonesian Open

Chong Wei won!Chong Wei has just defeated Taufik Hidayat 21-9 and 21-14.
It was a daunting task to achieve that feat in front of the home crowd at Istora Senayan.
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Indonesian Open 2009

Yesss! For the first time ever, our women pair won the Indonesian Open crown. They defeated the Chinese pair in straight games 21-16 and 21-16.Congratulations to Wong Pei Tty and Chin Eei Hui. They are currently the world's number one pair; but may be less in the limelights because they didn't win the major tournaments so far.Lee Chong Wei will be up against local favourite, Taufik Hidayat next.
Let's pray hard Chong Wei will be able to pull it off this time to make a great outing for the Malaysian team.Sent from my iPhone

Judging the Judges

Dear all, go and read an articleby N.H Chan, a retired judge of the Court of Appeal on the decision of the Federal Court in the recent case of Zambry vs. Sivakumar. In this case, Zambry has applied to the Federal Court, amongst others, a declaration that Sivakumar as the Speaker of the DUN of Perak was wrong when he (Sivakumar) suspended Zambry and other BN elected representatives. In the article, "The Gobbledegook of Augustine Paul FCJ in the Federal Court's decison in Zambry v Sivakumar", the former Supreme Court judge wrote that the written judgement by Paul FCJ unintelligible. He used the strong word "gobbledegook" which means, "unintelligible language" to describe the written judgment.His main contention is why the Federal Court Judges (all five of them) failed to rely on the wordings of Article 72(1) of the Federal Constitution. To quote,And that point is Article 72(1) of the Federal Constitution. It reads:The validity of any proceedings in the …

Funny Classified

Normally if I read newspaper, I will read almost all the pages; including classified, auction notices, bankruptcy notices and even orbituaries.Seriously, you may find something interesting in those columns or items. In orbituaries for example, sometimes I noticed there is a different name in the list of the family members of the deceased. Then I thought, may be one of the deceased child has converted to become a muslim, that is why you find the deceased's son/daughter in law has a muslim name. That's a good least the deceased family did not disown one of their family member who has converted.Some other time, you will find funny/weird classified like this one that I found in the 'Other Personal Services' section of the Sun today. It reads,"Chilli massage, Cheras KL. 03-9130****/Susugirl 016-2510***/Wantan mee 017-3857***/....".And the list goes on with other names like Ajinomoto, Tomato, Colgate andHamburger.Mmmm.....anybody interested?Sent from my …

Wishes, Resolution & Target

What are the differences between wishes, resolution and target? To my mind, they are all almost carry the same meaning. It just that for me wishes could be very wide and may even include something that you could never achieve or something that you dream to achieve.Resolution and target to my mind has the connotation of achievability - in the sense that you make a resolution or you set your target and you work towards achieving them. Normally, you would make resolution or set target on something that is challenging enough but at the same time, achievable based on your assessment of your ownself and your ability. I have many things I want to do in my life; whether at personal level, self improvement level, career etc. But specifically when it comes to outdoor activities, I could list below are the things that I really want to do:(1) to conquer Mont Kinabalu(2) to run a marathon(3) to do a bungee jumpingI have climbed may mountains during my student days at the Uni. Almost all major moun…

Look What We Have

Look what we have here....My "pokok periuk kera" - nothing significant.But take a good look again, it seems that someone has made the plant as her abode.There are two little birds resting in the nest right in the middle of my potted plant. The kids are very excited to adopt them!
***UPDATED (12th June 2009): The two chicks died in an apparent suicide attempt....err I mean, in an attempt to learn to fly a bit too soon. The kids told me that they found the two little birds lying motionless and swarmed by red ants underneath their nest two days ago. The kids dug a hole and held a simple burial near their Ibu's plant.***End of Update

School Holidays

Kak Chik demam,Kak Chik demam,Kak Chik demam....Akid was teasing his elder sister yesterday evening when I was giving medications to Kak Chik. I touched Akid's forehead; it's a bit hot - and I knew it's coming. It's just that Akid might have not felt it yet. True enough, by midnight, I had to wake Akid up and gave his fever medication. Hah ha...padah mengejek kakaknya. Two 'casualties' so far. All for 3D (+2N) of fun in the sun at the beach and in the pool in PD. The kids were in Melaka from yesterday until the weekend. It is the first time we brought Arif to his grandparents' house in Ayer Keroh. InshaAllah, kalau tak de aral melintang, nak buat majlis doa selamat (+ potong jambul?) untuk Arif petang Sabtu ni. Sapa ada kat Melaka, jemput lah datang.