Wishes, Resolution & Target

What are the differences between wishes, resolution and target?

To my mind, they are all almost carry the same meaning. It just that for me wishes could be very wide and may even include something that you could never achieve or something that you dream to achieve.

Resolution and target to my mind has the connotation of achievability - in the sense that you make a resolution or you set your target and you work towards achieving them. Normally, you would make resolution or set target on something that is challenging enough but at the same time, achievable based on your assessment of your ownself and your ability.

I have many things I want to do in my life; whether at personal level, self improvement level, career etc. But specifically when it comes to outdoor activities, I could list below are the things that I really want to do:

(1) to conquer Mont Kinabalu

(2) to run a marathon

(3) to do a bungee jumping

I have climbed may mountains during my student days at the Uni. Almost all major mountains in Peninsular Malaysia. Gunung Tahan (3x), Gunung Korbu (3x), Gunung Ledang (2x), Gunung Buah, Gunung Nuang (many2 times), Gunung Datok and few more. So naturally it is my target to conquer Kinabalu. InshaAllah, time permits, I strongly feel that I can do it. 

Bungee jumping too, I think one of this days, I find time to go S*nway Lag**n and get the taste of it.

Of the three, I think the second is the toughest. It is not easy to run at least 42km within 6 hours. I am not a runner. But I still think I could do it if I train and condition myself gradually. Not to win the race, mind you; but more of achieving personal satisfaction if I could complete the race within the stipulated time.

For that purpose, I have registered myself to participate in the coming KL Marathon 2009. No....not the marathon event yet. Not even half marathon (about 21km in 3 hours) yet. I registered myself (together with two other office colleagues) to run the 10km event. The stipulated time to complete is 1.5 hours.

The event is scheduled this coming 28th June 2008 (Sunday). About 11 days to go. Not many days left for me to train.

During my first trial run that I had at Taman Metropolitan in Kepong last Sunday, I managed to clock 10km within 1 hour and 10 seconds. That's a good moral booster and give me some confidence. Considering that I never run or jog more than 1 km before. But my weekly cycling and futsal certainly help me a lot.

Now I need to have at least three or four shorter distance runs and one more 10km trial run before the big event.

Wish me luck!


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