Funny Classified

Normally if I read newspaper, I will read almost all the pages; including classified, auction notices, bankruptcy notices and even orbituaries.

Seriously, you may find something interesting in those columns or items. In orbituaries for example, sometimes I noticed there is a different name in the list of the family members of the deceased. Then I thought, may be one of the deceased child has converted to become a muslim, that is why you find the deceased's son/daughter in law has a muslim name. That's a good least the deceased family did not disown one of their family member who has converted.

Some other time, you will find funny/weird classified like this one that I found in the 'Other Personal Services' section of the Sun today. It reads,

"Chilli massage, Cheras KL. 03-9130****/Susugirl 016-2510***/Wantan mee 017-3857***/....".

And the list goes on with other names like Ajinomoto, Tomato, Colgate and Hamburger.

Mmmm.....anybody interested?

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shafarina said…
U got urself an iPhone :)

Me selalu skip classifieds, cuma kengkadang selak utk tahu market value satu2 kawasan.
CikWan: Ehem...baru perasan ke? This is my 4th entry via my new toy!

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