Saigon Tour 2011

Nothing beats a good hot shower and followed by a glass of hot milo after a long and tough ride.


We cycled more than 120km on this second day of the tour.

After a good lunch - well meals for lunches and dinners so far have been marvelous, we pushed for Ke Ga. A seaside destination about 35km from our lunch stop.

We thought we could reached there in slightly above 2 hours but it took more than 3 and a half hours. When we the junction to route 712 leading to Ke Ga it was about 4pm. The signage said 15km to go.

Doc Olmo suggested for us to proceed; myself and Zul followed suit. We thought we could reach the hotel early and have more time for ourselves. But the headwind was slowing us down again.

As you cut through the headwind you could even hear the sound of the whirlwind buzzing in your ears. The road condition was quite rough and bumpy also slowed us down.

At one point we passed by a school where the school session was just ended. We were practically swarmed by the excited and curious kids. Some even tried to race with us.

That was before we stopped and took some pictures of the natural salt harvesting activities (err, not sure if harvesting is the correct word to describe the activities).

You could see the 'mountain' of the salt by the roadside.

We will be staying here tonite.

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**correction, distance covered today was about 107km and not 120km.

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