Teh Tarik anyone....?

teh tarik

Anybody game for a teh tarik session?

Hah ha ha...the blog owner is actually under extreme pressure to complete a presentation paper to be presented this coming Monday (2nd November 2009). It is already late. The deadline was last week.

My Managing Partner (a.k.a. my boss) just informed me about it and requested my help to prepare the paper for him. Aiyoo...and it's not normal power point slide presentations. The format of the programme is that the presenter will first present his (research) paper on certain issues given to him and his paper will be discussed (and commented) by 2 discussants.

The paper that I am preparing will be on legal issues affecting Islamic Finance and to be discussed by none other that the former Chief Justice (mantan Ketua Hakim Negara)!. Mati la gue....cannot cincai-cincai one.

Worst, the paper will have to be in Malay!!!. Adoyai....susah la cam ni - because my mother's tongue is.............French! :)


pB said…
payoh payoh , bentang kechek klatae ...

hi hi hi

apa apa pun ,

gud luck

insyaallah , everthing will be ok.
shafarina said…
bukan teh tarik dah tu, kena kopi o kaw baru betul :)

good luck osh!
Justiffa said…
Hey you have the whole weekend kan (somehow it sounds longer than 2 days lol)

Good luck OS, you can do it (you hafta heheh).
Ms Lavendar said…
Takpe. Trust me. It will be okay.
Bunga Rampai said…
Me! ... kaw kaw punya!

Moga dipermudahkan segala urusan.

Salam :)
PB: Yes, presentation in French or German is better choice

CikWan: he he...memang kena yang kaw punya last week.

KakRK: tq. have to do what we have to do.

MsLavender/Ailin: thanks...new blog? Anyway, take care.
CikRampai: Jommm pekena teh tarik!.

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