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(Picture: the start(yellow)/end(white) arches)

AlhamdulilLah, the run went out quite alright for me.

I reached the place quite early roughly about fifteen minutes before seven in the morning. I saw the organiser was trying to put up the hot air balloon. Went round and round looking for registration booth but turned out that there was no need for registration. They just collect the slip once the participants were gathered in the starting area.

This time the build up was not as exciting as the one I had experienced during the KL Marathon 2009. There was flurry of camera flashes when the VIP arrived and suddenly I heard the starting gun shot.

Haiyaa, tak thrill langsung.

I was with my office partner for the first 1 - 1.5km when I found it though to follow his pace, so I drifted behind a bit but I could still see him in the crowd about 20 meters from me.

Well, that's what happen when you don't train much! Heh he he...

My partner has been running very diligently as opposed to me as I would have to decide between cycling or running. Besides the last two weekends I have been going up and down to KB visiting my brother.

Anyway, I am still satisfied that I managed to complete the event with personal hand timed of 34 mins 48 secs.

More importantly, I had fun, met some old friends that I have not met for many years.


Justiffa said…
Woohooo.. congrats, u did it, now the kasut not collecting dust anymore ek lol. cycling pun bagus gak OS but hati2 la once u hit the open roads.. u know how reckless klang valley drivers can be.

Hope the bro's doing well.
KakRK: I try to be fair to both my shoes and my bikes. :)
My brother is progressing well, thanks.

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