Happy Birthday Kak Long

Today, 25th February nine years ago, my first little girl was born.

I will never forget that day. The day I declared to the whole world that I am now a proud father of a beautiful little girl. The day I cried silently when I put you in my arms and I recited the azan to your right ear and iqamah to your left ear, right there in the labour room. And your Ibu, smiled proudly in between her sobs.

And the scar on your Ibu's tummy is the testimony of the drama that took place in the critical hours prior to your birth.


Kak Long anak yang istimewa. Dia sorang aje anak Baba yang keluar ikut tingkap; yang lain ikut pintu biasa.


[Bersambung.....][Updated 28th February 2007]

Nobody expected Kak Long would arrive on that day. Afterall two days before that Ibu was warded overnight at Ampang Putri for observation after she complained of contraction. But nothing happened. Ibu was dilated for about 2-3 cm and then contractions suddenly ceased. So when Ibu complained another round of contractions, Baba was so confident that it would be another false alarm. We decided not to inform your Nenek as yet because we didn't want Nenek to rush from Melaka (Nenek was still working then).

Ibu was brought to the labour room and we spent two, three hours without much progress even after Ibu was administered with medications to induce her contractions. Dr. Fauziah came in once in a while into the labour room to check on Ibu. May be because of inexperience, fear, pain, uncertainties and all the worries in your Ibu's mind made her forget to breathe in and out properly; or to push in the way it should be done. Well, afterall we only learnt about 'how it's supposed to be done' from pregnancy/motherhood books that we had read. How much of those could help during that critical moments? Zilch!


"OK, tarik nafas....ok pussshhh panjang-panjang.....lagi, lagi...sikit lagi"

"Bila ada rasa contraction kuat tu, Puan push kuat-kuat ya..."

"Baru 4 cm....! Tak pa....sikit lagi ya Puan.....

Those were the encouraging words from the senior nurse in the labour room.

Baba terasa lama sangat kat dalam labour room tu.

Until suddenly Dr. Fauziah came in again and said...."O Ohh, not a good sign. I think the baby is in distress because of the prolonged labour. Your wife pun nampak dah tak laghat nak push lagi dah. We need to operate her and take the baby out!"

"You mean now?"

"Yes, now!" "Nurse get the consent papers ready"

In no time the forms were put in front of Ibu for her to sign. Dr. Fauziah explained the situation and the procedures that would take place and why that was the best option.

Baba hugged your Ibu to give her assurance that nothing else matters. Tawakkal. We didn't think twice. Not when your life was at stake.

********[Bersambung lagi ......]


PB said…

'Auntie' PB doakan agar kak long panjang umur, sihat sokmo, jadi anak yang solehah dan juga moga kak long akan sentiasa membahagiakan dan buat baba bangga dengan kak long....
sya said…
Selamat Menyambut Ulangtahun ke 9 untuk Kak Long semuga membesar menjadi wanita yg solehah dan berjaya kelak.
~ahni~ said…
Dah 9 tahun... darjah 3 lah tu kan.
Happy Birthday Kak Long, baguih jugak lahir hari gaji (25hb) ni boleh dapat present yang best, boleh buat makan2.

Saya doakan semoga Kak Long jadi orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Kalau dah ada yang ini InsyaAllah yang lain2 tu akan dtg sendiri.

BTW, dah er... dah nampak 'bulan' ke belum? Jaga2 dulu saya 9 tahun dah...

p/s saya sengaja tag you bawah tajuk 'stress' tu... hutang pun hutanglah , apa nak buat...
Mak Andeh said…
Happy Birthday Kak Long !

Wah sama umur dengan *Adik* - tapi berbeza sekali, Adik nak masuk 9 tahun masih keanak-anakan lagi - macam budak 5 tahun.

*sigh - salah Mak dia juga manjakan sangat*

p/s Baba bagi hadiah apa?
Helena said…
Happy Birthday kak long. Semuga jadi anak yang solehah.

MMmmm kenangan deliver anak ni memang manis, I can still remember my firstborn wriggling through the birth canal. That experience was what i mengelamun everynight before going to sleep months after that. Such exhilarating feeling that was!
PB: terimo kaseh auntie PB.

K'Sya: thanks for the doa.

AHNI: kah3x, hujung bulan ke apa ke, budak2 ni bukan nak kira

Mak Andeh: thanks. hadiah dia dah pilih sendiri dengan ibunya. baba bagi duit aje.

Helena: I am just the one standing by the side. I'm sure you are the better person to relate the experience.

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