A Surprise That Never Was

I came back to office from a meeting at about 8.00 p.m. on Wednesday the last day of January and was greeted with this message in my mailbox:

En. S,

Happy birthday. Kita orang ingat nak surprise En S dengan birthday cake hari ni, tapi dah pukul 6 lebih En S tak balik2 lagi dari meeting. Kita orang tak leh tunggu.

Happy Birthday. Jangan lupa bawak balik kek kat dalam bilik En. F.

I felt sorry to the staffs of my department who took all the troubles to plan for the surprise. But it was really, really pack and hectic day that day - and the next two days thereafter.

I was one year older on 31st January (Wednesday), next day (1st February) went to Batu Pahat and spent the whole day in Senggarang distributing donations to flood victims only to reach home at almost midnight. Later at about 1.40 a.m. (Friday, 2nd February) I got a call from kampung that my 2nd eldest brother finally lost his battle with the big C. Immediately woke up the kids and drove back to Kelantan.

It was a very physically and emotionally challenging 3 days of my life.


Mak Andeh said…
Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday ! (yang ke berapa tu ? )

Secondly, takziah on the demise of your brother.

Al Fatihah.
MA: (1) - yang ke berapa? muda lagi, belumpun sampai 40.

(2) - thanks.
sya said…
Happy Belated Birthday semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki dan diberkati Allah hendaknya.

Salam tahziah atas pemergian abang OSH, semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan org yg beriman. Amin
OS, Happy Belated. You share nearly the same birthday as Imad.

My condolences to you and your family.
UglyButAdorable said…
happy birthday bro, may your life is fill with more happiness to come..

and salam takziah on the demise of your brother, semoga rohnya diletakkan dikalangan org yg dimuliakan Allah..
K'Sya: terima kasih atas doa.

Ailin: thanks. Sori lama tak jengok your blog.

CikAdorable: thanks sis.
Kak Teh said…
Salam takziah drp kak teh sekeluarga. Maaf kerana terlambat. Semoga arwah ditempatkan bersama orang-orangyang beriman.

Dan selamat menyambut hari jadi. semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezki.
Pak Malau said…
Hepi besday OSH. Dari Pak Malau hanya iringan doa.
wan said…
Belated birthday wish from me & condolences to your family.
Ku Keng said…

Salaam. Sorry to hear of the passing away of your elder bro. Did not hear of him being sick either. Allahummagh firlahu warhamhu.
~ahni~ said…
Al Fatehah untuk yang sudah tiada, kembali bertemu Penciptanya.

Happy belated birthday, dapat hadiah apa dari isteri tercinta?
Keropok said…
My condolences on your loss. He must have had a heroic battle indeed - God bless his soul!
Ibu said…
Innalillah ... sorry to hear this OSH. Semuga arwah ditempatkan bersama orang2 yg beriman.

Happy belated bday.
KakTeh, Pak Malau, Sis Wan, Ayoh Keng, AHNI, Bro Keropok and IBU: Thanks for the belated b'day wishes. Thanks for your kind doas for arwah my elder brother.

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