What laaa.....

This may be one of the stupidest remark that I ever come across:

Anifah flattered by Anwar’s suit

PUTRAJAYA: Foreign Minister Da­tuk Anifah Aman is flattered that Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has sued him for RM100mil.

Anifah said it showed that he was someone of influence, adding that he would have felt ashamed if he was sued for a small amount over an alleged libelous statement made in Washington.

“I have not had time to read the content of the suit or think of my next course of action. I also have bigger things to attend to now like the Asean-European Union meeting which I have just attended,” he told a press conference here yesterday.

[The Star, 30 May 2009]

What a stupid statement from a minister. I thought he is one of the smarter ones from the land under the wind.

Dear Mister Minister, you are being sued for RM100 million has nothing to do wether you are someone of influence of not; the suit for RM100 million is the damages that the plaintiff (in this case, DSAI) is seeking against you for injuring HIS reputation. The sum of RM100 million is how much the plaintiff thinks the compensation/damages that he deserves for the damage to his reputation and good name because of your libelous statement.

And worst, the statement was made during a joint press conference (with the US State Secretary) that has nothing to do with DSAI and was totally unprovoked and unsolicited.

Mr. Prime Minister Najib, please get rid of this kind of minister from your cabinet line up.


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