Political Clowns

What's happening in the State of Perak may be thrilling to some people; but to me it is very disgusting.

Yesterday you jumped to one ship 'with your conscience clear' for the benefit of the people and today you jumped out of the new ship back to the previous ship - again, with your clear conscience i.e. that you are doing it for the benefits of the people. Lots of bulls.

Pity my friends at the Perak State Legal Advisor's office. The must be busy ploughing the State Constitutions to give advice to the Sultan, the (outgoing?) MB, the Speaker of State Assembly, the EXCO, the AG Chambers, the federal government etc. etc. They probably not sure who is in charge of the State administration by now. I don't envy them.


maszuzu said…
them peeps should be concentrating on how to improve our economy instead of pulling stupid tricks like this!!!
shafarina said…

stupid and lame.

malaysian style - bolehland.

and what the sultan do? huhu
sya said…
Apa nak dikate.. org Perak gak pilih so terimalah apa yg dipilih
Bunga Rampai said…
Yes, very very disgusting indeed!!!

Salam :)

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