Trial Run

If the trial run that I had last Sunday were to be used as the indication of my performance for this coming running event, adoyai.....I need to buck up.

Last Sunday I clocked 1hr: 39mins: 43 seconds for 12KM or thereabout. Average speed of 6.74 km/hour; average pace of 8:54 per km and average climb of 75meters.That means I may not be able to finish within the qualifying time of 1hr 35minutes set by the organizers.

I thought the distance I covered for the first 50 minutes or so was much better than what I did on Sunday the 13th November.

In fact, I actually managed to run non-stop for the first 6.3KM including a killer hill near the International School in Taman Melawati with a climb of 94meters (more than 300 feet).

That was a big improvement compared to the other weekend but still.....a bit frustrated.

May be I got a little bit of dreaming and my mind was wandering too much from the task at hand thus I did not realise that my pace was getting slower towards the final 40 minutes or so.

Nevermind, may be I could be a little bit more inspired and all pump up on the actual running day!.

My only worry is that I hope my left knee will not cause me major problem. It has given me that slight uncomfortable feeling whenever I take a flight of stairs. I am using a knee support now, even to the office. I do contemplate whether or not to give this event a miss,.....tapi susah la...rasa macam naaak jugak lari!!!

Hopefully I will not exaggerate the pain - otherwise, I may need to take a long break from all my sporting activities - my weekly futsal, my weekly cycling and my running. That, my friend, is almost like handing me a death penalty!


shafarina said…
alamak... jgn paksa diri okeh OSH
CikWan: Thanks. Tengok la dulu camne. InshaAllah OK kot.

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