Jem oh jem

It took me less than an hour (56 minutes to be exact) to drive from Ayer Keroh toll to Sungai Besi toll this morning.

But it took me almost one and a half hours to reach my office at Jalan TAR from Sungai Besi toll. To make it worst, the SMART tunnel was closed for the whole week.

I hate being stuck in the middle of traffic jam. I could get bored easily. If I'm bored it made me feel sleepy and I would start to yawn endlessly. Dah letih menguap dalam kereta tapi tak sampai-sampai lagi.

It's amazing how some people could bear this every morning, day in day out

Throughout one and a half hour ordeal this morning, there were no less than seven ambulances with blazing sirens weaving through the traffic; four heading south and three heading towards KL. There were at least five convoys of outriders rushing through the traffic with their VVIPs tailing behind them; three towards south and two heading to KL.

While being stuck in the jam, I received two distressing SMSes. One from my colleague saying that she would be late to office because her sister's car was sandwiched in a six car pile up at the Federal Highway. Another distressing news was from a friend that the baby of our common friend died this morning when the doctor decided to stop the life support. The baby was fighting for life at SJMC suspected of being a victim of abuse by the maid working for the family.

I also received a call from one of my staffs telling me that because of family problem she just moved out to another house and couldn't come to office today. Without asking for details, I just said OK to her.

Now I'm at my favourite coffee shop having my morning usual tea and roti bakar, and I don't feel like working today.

Oh God help me and I pray to you to give me strength. I have many deadlines today. But I don't feel like working. Mood dah hilang.

This is my posting this morning which took a long winded route before it finally landed here.


UglyButAdorable said…
naiklah tube macam separuh. tube separuh..stress pun separuh laaa..nyehh..nyehhh...
CikAdorable: Where got tube all the way from Ayer Keroh sis?
Helena said…
hehe..... its been such a long time since I got caught in a jam.... *kinda miss it actually*... haha NOT.

Tapi bila stuck in a jam, baru dapat menghayati ERA kat radio.... hehe, my drive to work takes up 5 mins ajer.... baru nak dengar lagu, tgk2 dah sampai.... huhu....
Helena: 5 mins to workplace? Oh jelesnya.
mak andeh said…
Oh I have that feeling every morning...iskkk malasnya nak gi kerja! hehehe....

I normally tune in the Info Traffic everyday before I start my journey or sometimes I call them up just to check what's causing the traffic jam and which (alternative)way to go.
wan said…
Things happen

Tapi, mood yang hilang tu dah jadi satu entri. Good for us aper :)
MakAndeh: trafiic jam will normally make me restless. Kalau dah hilang mood nak kerja, I may spent few good hours in office unproductively.

Wan: thanks u la sis.
UglyButAdorable said…
bro..u live in air keroh and travel daily??? OMG!!!
~ahni~ said…
Tu ler saya memang tak sanggup rasa nya nak travel hari2 pergi keje macam tu... tu sebab mesti nak cari rumah sedekat yang mungkin dengan tempat keje.
Cat Cat said…
Alamak, jauhnya travel from home to work. Everyday pulak tu.. Cath pun memang benci traffic jam kat KL. Nasib baik kat Richmond ni, x ada traffic jam sangat, tempat kerja only 2 minutes drive. ;)
CikAdorable: No sis, I was driving back from Ayeh Keroh that day after sending my kids and wife balik kampung for the school break over the weekend.

AHNI: the place I live now is not that far from office. May be 15 minutes drive only.

CatCat: bestnya....tak de jem

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