Big Family Breakfast

Picture of my kids enjoying their breakfasts this morning.

We parked our car at Setiawangsa lrt station and took putra lrt ride to Dang Wangi station. Then crossed the river behind the station to the famous nasi lemak Dang Wangi. The nasi lemak there has been my regular place to fix my nasi lemak cravings. How good? Look at the people lining up behind our table!.

Eventhough to drive to the place might be more convenient, I decided to add more fun in the journey. The kids loved the lrt ride. It was convenient and comfortable. May be because it was still early in the saturday morning.


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MA said…
Ni kedai yang next to AKLEH exit tu ke? Opposite Bk Pertanian (nt directly lah - but adjacent)
MA: yes, next to akleh exit....but it's not bank pertanian. It's SME Bank (used to be bank pembangunan).
Bunga Rampai said…
Oh, tak tahu pula ada nasi lemak Dang Wangi yang popular! Terima kasih entri ni. Bolehlah cuba hujung minggu ni!

Salam :)
Cik Rampai: Cuba jangan tak cuba. Personally i think it is better than nasik lemak tangling at bukit aman.
MA said…
Oh ya Bk Pembangunan ..hehe. Went there last weekend tapi kedai tu tutup agaknya, there were two kedai, the other one had a roti canai stall as well. The food was

Maybe will try again some weekends.
MA: yes, the nasi lemak stall is the one next to the stall that you visited.

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