Tomorrow is the DAY!

Let's see what's gonna happen tomorrow. When I registered myself to participate in this year's KL Marathon 2010, it was approximately 100 days to go.

But how fast time flies! I got caught up with terrible work deadlines thereafter with so many things on my table. I did manage to cycle for couple of times as part of the training; but that's all that I could get.

I was contemplating to withdraw myself from the event but what the heck, I thought might as well I just proceed. Who cares about the qualifying time and what not.

This would be my first time participating in a half marathon event. It's going to be a race between me and myself. So what ever time I clock tomorrow would still be my personal best!

Wish me luck. Thank you.

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Justiffa said…
Woo hoo OS masuk HM ek.. hope you had a good run, YOUR own way :D

(would have cheered you on earlier if i'd known.. go OS go lol)
Akak RK, thanks...I did quite well (by my own standard),...and my knees still hurt today.
pB said…
sakit lutut ....

dah ok ker?

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