Will She Will She Not - Further Update

Only reached home almost midnight from KLIA last night and my Wife was very eager to share what happened in the morning of yesterday at Kak Chik's school.

Kak Chik was actually very excited to go to school. She was ready even before her Abang finished his breakfast. Since they left home a bit early, Wife made a detour to the nearby 7-11 . Kak Chik wanted to buy a lollipop. Once reached the kindie, my Wife stayed back for more than an hour before my Wife told Kak Chik that she had to leave to fetch Kak Long and Kak Ngah from their Sekolah Agama.

It was only after her Ibu left that Kak Chik started looking for her Ibu and had to be pacified by her class teacher. She was okay during the recess time. But most of the time, her class teacher was sitting close to her and giving her most attention compared to other students. No major breakdown.

Only after the class was dismissed Kak Chik started to sob silently when she could not see her Ibu waiting for her oustide the school compound. My Wife was delayed a bit because the whole clan wanted to follow her to fetch Kak Chik, even our maid wanted to join. When her Ibu finally arrived, she just could not stop her tears anymore. Masuk aje kereta terus nangis kuat2 sebab Ibunya lambat sampai.

Luckily, her Ibu came prepared with Kak Chik's bottle of milk. Terus senyap.


pB said…
Alhamdulillah, ke sekolah jugak akhirnya Kak Chik...

Upah susu ...

Bijak Bijak
CikPB: Still too early to conclude. Pagi ni (13062007) pun dekat setengah jam Ibunya memujuk sebelum masuk kelas.
mak andeh said…

When my youngest masuk tadika at 4 - I had wanted to masukkan awal to help him socialise sebab too clingy to me and maid - wah drama you! His eyes followd my every move. Kalau terhilang belakang tingkap - he will go and cari. I must be within sight. So - we had to withdraw him after only 2 hours of schooling.

We re-register him back at 5 years. This time I jadi brutal - main tinggal buta aje after semua kids dah masuk. He went to the door and SHOOK the grill and panggil MAMAAAA! Aiyooo....I pulak yang nangis dalam kereta as I drove off.

I guess sebab dia anak bongsu kot - manja lebih and my apron string pun masih tebal :P

Good luck to Kak Chik.
MA: I rasa budak2 yang 'bijak mulut' ni memang pandai auta. Tiap hari lepas habis sekolah, bukan main bagus lagi Kak Chik dok cerita bestnya pegi sekolah, apa dia buat kat sekolah bla bla bla...until the next day.
sya said…
Wah pagi upah lollipop balik skolah upah susu.. he he cute bebudak kalau mula sekolah ni. Alhamdullilah non of my kids kena tunggu.. terasa lak cam dia org tak kisah emaknya sob sob
yo bro...dapat jugak wa singgah blog lu nih. been some time.
KakSya: We parents are weird. Kalau kena tunggu kita masalah, kalau budak2 tak mintak tunggu langsung pun runsing jugak kan!

Bor Adiejin: Salam selamaaat bro. Thanks for dropping by.

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