Another Problem(?)

Just came back from visiting my doctor.

My doctor had asked me to do blood test two weeks ago and this morning I was sitting in front him when he explained to me the results.

Blood Pressure: OK
White Blood Cell count: OK
Cancer Test: OK (negative)
Sugar Level: OK
Other things/indicators that my doctor looked for and checked were OK.
But..........Cholesterol: not so OK. The reading was at 6.0 and I have been asked to exercise more before he start giving me prescription or refer me to a cardiologist.

Exercise? Come on lah. I play futsal every Friday night, swimming every Saturday and Sunday evenings and more recently, I started mountain biking every Sunday morning. That would be sufficient I suppose.

Emmm, may be I need to reduce my trip to that nasi padang restaurant. Kurangkan makanan berlemak. Easier said than done - eating healthily is more difficult than exercising........


RK said…
hi OS. we usually take for granted that 'skinny' people are ok (ur losing weight effortlessly? weh jelesnya).. tp surprisingly ramai have high cholesterol levels. yup, goes to show what goes in matters (especially when the years start piling up) even if one does workout regularly :(

hati2 la.
MissRK: Tu la dia....nak kena jaga makan ni la leceh sikit. I always thot I could eat just anything without worry because my metabolisme rate tinggi. [Lama tak dengar cita ...I pun lama tak jengok your place]
~ahni~ said…
Ooo... kalau macam tu kena jadi vegetarian, sanggup kah anda?
CikAhni: ohhh tak sangguppp. lagi kurus kering lah saya. :(
Mr OS. Go low-fat. There are good and bad cholesterols. But don't ask me about them. I have no clue. Rather, I would die for a liposuction!
Ailiiiin! Nice to hear from you. Honestly, I hate when I have to start to be over cautious about what I want to eat vs. what I can eat. Sighh.
pB said…
Salam O.S.H

ada member tu , kalestrol dia tinggi.
Punyalah makan ubat n exercise tapi tak turun turun , makin naik ada.

tapi ada skali tu , dia tak exercise , dia tak makan ubat, dia buat donno jer , tup tup level kalestrol dia turun ...

cam ner tu??
PB: Sapa member tu? nak pergi berguru ngan dia la
nohachomel said…
hi OS,

makan je la apa nak makan, tapi cuba ganti breakfast dgn makan oats, oats ni dia serap kolesterol.

mmg, jgn sangka org kurus takde problem, selalunya org kurus ni high in kolesterol sebab kolesterol bukan lemak dan bukan bawah kulit, dia dlm darah, sebab tu tak nampak. dan i think mmg u kena kurangkan makan kat kedai nasi padang tu :)
CikChomel: thanks for the advice....tapi rendang kat restoran padang/minang tu sedappp.
wan said…
Pantang makan lah yang paling susah nak buat. Kena betl² disiplin.

ps: terkejut sy, org yg rajin eksesais pun boleh tinggi kolestrol. makan oats mcm iklan tv tu boleh percaya kot :)
CikWan: u pun kena pantang makan jugak ke sekarang ni?

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