Miss you too

Kak Chik came to me when I was reading weekend's newspapers yesterday afternoon.

"Daddy, can you take me to school?"

"Ok, I will send you to school tomorrow."

"Daddy, can you take me after I finished my school?"

"Mmmm....you go and bring me my hand phone; let me check if I have meeting, I cannot take you. If I don't have meeting, then I can take you"

Obligingly, my little girl went to take my hand phone on the table and handed over to me. I glanced through my schedules; no meeting tomorrow but I know I am gonna have a very tight day tomorrow to wrap up one urgent assignment.

But again, I didn't want to disappoint my little girl. She's still waiting patiently for my answer.

"Okay....., I will send you to school tomorrow. In the afternoon, I will call your mummy first. If I can take you, I will take you; If I cannot take you, mummy will take you. OK?"

"OK, thank you Daddy." Short and sweet.

"Come, give me a hug."

I hugged and kissed my little daughter. I knew she missed me. For the last two weeks, I didn't wait to send her to her kindie. I went straight to office after I sent the two elder girls to school and came back late at night when she would already in bed.

Honestly, I missed you too sayang.


This morning, I just need to tap her shoulder to wake her up. She opened her eyes and smiled. I love that smile. The kind of smile from your kid when she got what she wanted; when her wish was granted. She obediently went to the washroom.

By the time I was back from sending Abang Akmal to his sekolah agama, Kak Chik has had her breakfast and was ready to be sent to her kindie.


Kak Chik is the only one of my kids who calls me 'Daddy' especially when we are alone together. She also likes to brush up her English when we are in private.

Her smile this morning made my day already. Thank you Sayang, that's a good booster to your Daddy to face the tough day ahead.


sya said…
Sesekali bila anak2 merindui.. kita tau betapa ikhlasnya kasih sayang mereka pd kita.. unconditional love.

Enjoy this while you can becos in no time they will grow up and busy with their own friends and schedules
K'Sya: Thank you K'Sya for your kind advice.
~akuni~ said…
Ni entry ni nak bagi orang nangis ke apa...? Hu hu hu.... *tersentuh hatiku*
CikAHNI: It's an entry from a father who is at a crossroad between his work commitments that never ends and his family. I guess that happen all the time for working mothers.
McBudu said…
I hav 3 girls. Normally girls more manja than boys and they are the ones who normally make us miss home most of the time, especially when we were abroad.

Sending and taking them to/fr school is a very normal request from my girls too.
anggun said…
So sweet kan:). Tersentuh baca entri ni. Just like my youngest daughter.Anak2 such a good booster..selalu buat saya pun senyum sorang dalam kereta..tapi mcm kata sya,bila dah besar busy with friends..Saya try catch up and try to be buddy buddy dgn my 1st daughter. Walau baru 11 tahun dah rasa mcm dah besar la sgt, anak perempuan mature cepat kan..so la ni dah jadi mcm kawan2 dah..tapi still advice mana yg perlu. Yg penting she will come to me when she has problems, tu yg penting.
Tranquility said…
The pleasure of life. And you're living it, everyday.

God bless you & your family.
Bro McB: the girls may be more manja, but in may case, I selalu 'kalah' dengan my boys.

CikAnggun: agree, girls memang cepat mature

CikPB: memang intan payung

MrTranquility: thanks and salam kenal.

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