Can You Believe This?


I could not find any follow up or updates on this news. Did the police went on to investigate the man who allegedly kept the incident secret? Or has the police came to the conclusion that there was no further action required?

Unless I missed the news, why is total silence on this matter?


I was shocked when I read this piece of news this morning.

Cops: Girl fell into river by accident

IPOH: A 12-year-old girl whose half-naked body was found floating in Sungai Kampar in Gopeng was not sexually assaulted.

Kampar OCPD Superintendent Nordin Manan said initial investigations showed that Chia Kha Man (pic) had drowned.

He said the case remained classified as sudden death.

Kha Man, a Year Six pupil of SJK (C) Man Ming in Gopeng, went missing last Thursday.

On Saturday, two river guides found her body on a rock in the river while kayaking in Kampung Jahang.

When Kha Man went missing, there was speculation she and a friend had followed a middle-aged man to the river.

Supt Nordin said her friend, an 11-year-old, later told police that she and Kha Man had asked the man to take them to the river.

“Along the way, both the girls fell into the river but the man could only save the other girl.”

He said both were afraid to reveal that Kha Man was missing in the river and kept the incident a secret.

A relative who claimed Kha Man’s body at the Ipoh Hospital mortuary here yesterday said the family was upset with the man's irresponsible attitude.

Kha Man’s remains will be cremated at the Sam Poh Tong temple here at 11am today. [The Star, 5 November 2007]

Can you believe it? There is such a person who thought it is more convenient to just keep quiet about someone's child death?

In the meantime, the family and relatives of the child were searching high and low for the girl. Also read here and here. My condolences to the family of the girl. But lots of questions will linger in my head for a long time.

How could that be? Why he didn't try to get help immediately after the girl fell into the river? Why? Why? How would he feel if that girl is his own daughter, niece, close relative? What's wrong with our society now?


~ahni~ said…
Tak tau la apa nak jadi sekarang ni... kes ini (kalau berdasarkan cerita kat sini lah) macam sangat-sangat tak bertanggungjawab dan sangat mementingkan diri sendiri...
pB said…
apa barang itu orang ...

ada ker patut dok diam jer ...

tak patut sungguh .....
wan said…
Patutnya yg tua tu responsible. Sekarang macam2 kes. Dok kat rumah sendiri pun tak selamat, mcm kes Indian girl tu. :(
bunga rampai said…
Dunia semakin usang dan jiwa manusia semakin gersang.

Sebahagian kita lupa bahawa hidup berummah itu adalah satu tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan kepada kita olehNya.

Mohon padaNya moga kita dihindarkan daripada tergolong di dalam sebahagian manusia seperti itu.

RK said…
OS - ntah la... all this madness has made me paranoid even over my anak yg dah besaq panjang. feeling absolutely safe is a luxury now.
Kak Teh said…
OSH, it is becoming harder and harder to believe what's going on.Can people actually keep quiet? How can it be an accident when the body was found half naked? Too many questions unanswered!

Last ramadan, my husband was walking back from terawikh - - a car was chasing another. the other was hemmed in, the passenger leaned over and shot the other driver three times in the head. My husband of course ran and phoned the police. It was scary!
AHNI: ya, sangat tak bertanggung jawab. Boleh di dakwa kerana 'conceal kematian'.

PB: memang tak patut langsung. Akai tak da...

Wan: kes budak perempuan india tu lagi sedih dan kesian.
CikRampai: dunia semakin usang, manusia semakin gersang agaknya.

RK: these kind of news make us parents more and more paranoid.

KakTeh: memang too many questions unanswered until today. senyap je polis nampaknya.

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