Cuti Sekolah Still

When I asked the kids whether they would want to extend their stay for another week at their Atuk's place last weekend, the answer I got was a resounding YES!. My Wife too thought that it would be better for her to be in Melaka since I will be out of KL for half of this week.

So here I am, home alone; bujang again. Just had my dinner of tomyam campur that I bought on my way back home. Nothing interesting on TV. So instead of watching TV, I switched the Astro channel to listen to radio. Besides, I brought back some works to be completed and sent to client latest by tomorrow morning.

Spoke over the phone with all the kids before they went to bed just now. Reminded them of the do'a that we normally recite together before they sleep. Sweet dreams my dearest. Baba miss you all.


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