Apasal Jem Ni?


How long did I take to reach office from my house this morning?


Almost one and a half hours. From 8.20 to 9.50AM. The traffic was not moving immediately after the toll booths. Crazy.


I thought the road closure would only start at 6.30PM this afternoon.

Skipped breakfast at home as I thought I could reach office early enough for a quick bite somewhere nearby office. Bad choice.


Luckily there was a small makan-makan at the Banking Department because today is the last day for one of my lawyers who is leaving after more than 3 years with the Firm.


Lucky? Emmm, may be need to rephrase that. I'm left with only one lawyer for that department and that one is also going in another month or so – for maternity. Have no choice but to redistribute works and take some of the files. Adussh, more work!



~ahni~ said…
Apasal jem? Eksiden ke? Ultraman datang ke?
Alamak, OS makin hari makin bz, nanti lama-lama sunyilah blog ni..
AHNI: ya, semakin busy lah nampaknya. Kadang2 kerja sendiri lagi teruk dari makan gaji.

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