Mental Blogging

I have to apologize the very few kind visitors who may have hopped in and found no new updates. Sorry lah ya. It's not that I was totally out of the blogsphere.

I still blogged.....but only in my head. Just like the case when you are making mental notes of what you want to do, I was doing mental blogging almost every day since my last entry in early March.

Most of the time, I compose my entry while I was driving to office or when I was taking shower at home. Sometimes I managed to compose one or two paragraphs or may be just one or two sentences. The only difference was instead of typing and post the entries at blogger, I posted the 'entries' in my head. So when there were so many entries were left to accumulate in my head, it may have affected the running of the cpu in my head a bit. May be it got me carried away a bit. Being in the state of blogging but yet not blogging kind of feeling.

Until yesterday. Yes I was caught in the traffic jam so bad that I decided to blog via email while my car was 'parked' right in the middle of Ampang KL Elevated Highway. Then to make it more interesting, I decided to change the template once I reached office. Nothing fancy but still it gives a refreshing feeling.

Now let me try to retrieve some of my earlier 'entries' from my head. Promise to come back soon. Ciao.


Kak Teh said…
OSH, u bawa thumdrive tak nak attach to the head to retrieve the articles? if that is possible please let me know by leaving a message at kak teh's.
thanking you in advance.
Kak Teh: thumb drive dah ada,usb port pulak yang tak de. :)
Kak Teh said…
tak apa, as long as the head is tightly screwed on, you still have a chance! Just keep on checking the screws. Jangan screw missing susah..hehe! okay, enough enough - welcome back!
pB said…
welcome back...

ingat kan merajuk ....
Cik PB: tak pernahnya nak merajuk, just got too carried away with my metal blogging.
~ahni~ said…
Sayapun selalu mental blogging jugak tapi since kat rumah dah masuk streamyx ni (yuhuuu) dan boleh menaip komen dari dalam bilik tidur (wifi-ed), tu pasal boleh update hari2. Kdg2 tu rasa macam nak letak 2-3 entry dalam satu hari aje... byk sgt benda nak cerita.

BTW I miss u!
(er... jgn ada org salah paham pulak ya... naya....)
david santos said…
Thanks for you work and have a good weekend
UglyButAdorable said…
ehh..bro...i truly understand you..sumtimes we have so may things to say but biler depan pc..mental block pulak..and yes i needed a change too...:)
Ku Keng said…
hijau persiapan selepas Ijok ke?
AHNI: sama lah kita on mental blogging. Oops I still owe you (**sorok muka)

CikAdorable: how's things going at your end? 4th time lucky?

AyohKeng: lepas Ijok, ke mana pula kita?
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