Wau....Layang-Layang tak de tali

These are the results of 'hard works' of Akmal and Kak Ngah over the weekend.

This is the kite made by Akmal.
Well I did most of them, but Akmal was the one who glued the coloured paper to the frames.

And this one was made by Kak Ngah.

I didn't know how she got the idea of making the kite to look like a cat.

I will try to upload Kak Long's later.


RK said…
OS - wah pandai anak2, looks good enuf to be part of ur home deco :) elok encourage bebudak hasilkan kerjatangan... helps a lot in developing their coordination as well as stimulating their imagination & creativity. but think twice about taking them kite flying.... it may not be as easy as you think hehehe (especially yg homemade) :)
pB said…
Cat Cat said…
Very nice and creative. I like the color combination too... Great job.
~ahni~ said…
Akmal punya macam kucing garang, yang Kak Ngah punya macam kucing happy
RK: bilik anak2 sebenarnya dah penuh dengan hasil kerja tangan masing2. Yang buat kat rumah dan buat kat sekolah masing2.

PB: :)

CatCat: thank youuu

CikAhni: tengok mood tuan dia agaknya

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