I'm Back

I'm back, alive and in one piece!

Thanks to fellow bloggers for your kind prayers and encouragements. Apologies I could NOT reply to the comments as yet.

Of course I have many many more entries on the amazing ride that are lingering in my head but at the moment, I need to catch up with the works that I left at the office.

So thank you again guys (I mean those five or six of you).


Kak Teh said…
OSH, when I was young and still with lots of energy, I cycled with a few friends (almost) around Langkawi. Got lost, singgah makan rumah pak cik who helped us find our way (people were nice and sincere) and then, too tired to cycle back - given a lift on a lorry - all our bicycles piled up at the back of the lorry - so much for a cycling adventure.

Let those stories out so we can read them.
Bunga Rampai said…
Alhamdulillah, semuanya selamat.

Selamat kembali bekerja dan berblogging :)

Salam :)
shafarina said…
Welcome back.

Rasa puas kan, dapat achieve sesuatu?

Oh KakTeh, that was fun I believe. I wish I could just sit a a cafe with free wifi all day and type the entries.

CikRampai: terima kasih.

CikWan: seronok beyond words!

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