08080808 The Amazing Ride Day Three

The ride from Dabong to Jeli was a bit tough going over nine hills eventhough the hills were not that steep compared the hills that we had to 'climb' from bentong to raub. The ride was difficult because of narrow roads without road shoulder. Because of deserted roads, the cars and lorries were speeding like nobody's business.

The route from jeli to tanah merah was much better because of it has proper road shoulder. Enroute to tanah merah we stopped for 'sup belut'.

Fuuh, the soup was superb! It's hot and spicy and tasted like sup torpedo!.

And I had a flat tyre again for the second time of the day. It was less than 30km from Tanah Merah.

It's about 7.10pm when safely we reached Seri Chalet in Tanah Merah.

AlhamdulilLah. My speedometer showed that I have covered 285.18km in 3 days.

Tomorrow will be the last leg!


shafarina said…

Pray for your safe journey.
Eric said…
To GSC Riders.. Congratulatios for ur Extreme @ Enjoyable Ride!!!!
U guys r SUPERB n so POWERFUL..(b'cos of "POWERBAR" kot..pls ask W. Sabri..)I'm looking forward to join u all for the next ride n I wish i cud declare myself as one of GSC Riders..hehehehe..!!!
*M.Nasir Ali - Asst. Support Mgr.

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