08080808 The Amazing Ride - Day Two

In the nick of time.

We almost missed the train!.

We were supposed to cover about 50km from sungai pasu where we stayed last nite to the train station in kuala lipis.

We stopped at Benta rest area for a drink after having stopped earlier at Dong for breakfast.

My rear tyre punctured in kuala lipis town when we were already very close to the train station.

By the time we reached the station, the train were about to leave! Apparently they hv re-scheduled the 3.00pm train to 11.30am. Luckily the station master was kind enough and asked the train to wait for us.

Quickly loaded our bikes onto the train and thanked our lucky stars.

Again we have to thank to the very kind ticket inspector. We thought we could pay for our ticket on the train but we were told we could no longer do that.

Well who cld blame us for that. Wan sabri's last train ride was thirty years ago my very own experience was waayy back in 1982 when we were given warrant ticket to go back to our hometown during school break.

The ticket inspector asked us to get down at the next station (Padang Tengku) to buy our tickets to Dabong. So we had a free ride from kuala lipis to Padang Tengku.

In the meantime Alia will take a bus from kuala lipis back to kl because she has to attend her son's graduation. The support van will bring Alia's bike to tanah merah where she will be joining us for the last leg from tanah merah to Kota Bharu.

I am typing this entry on the train and it will be posted once there is reception signal bar of my phone showed at least 3 bars. Currently no receptio. Zilch.

The route from kuala lipis to merapoh then to gua musang and later to dabong is too treacherous for all of us. So that's why we decided to hitch on the train.


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