08080808 The Amazing Ride The Final Leg

We safely arrived at pengkalan chepa at noontime yesterday.

The ride from Tanah Merah to pengkalan chepa was more relaxed and fun. May be because everybody knew that we only have to cover about 50 odd kilometers. Yes, after having been cycling for more than one hundred kilometers every day for the last three days, to cover for 50km was a big relieve.

We all had roti canai for breakfast before we pushed off to Pasir Mas. It's a flat route with sufficient road shoulder all the way to Pasir Mas. I was given the honour to lead since we were entering my hometown.

Stopped at a coffee shop owned by Nasir's cousin not far from the roundabout to the lemal bridge to Kota Bharu.

Crossed the bridge and took the old salor road instead of the highway. By then the sun was on top of our heads and most of us were dehydrated and had to top up our water bottles. You would be surprised to see how most of us could gulp the whole 600ml drink in one go.


-akuni- said…

Totally amazing.
Amazingly amazing.

Syukur, semuanya selamat.
wanisan said…
the sambal at Jeli was really good. one of us 'tambah sambal dua kali'.
CikAHNI: Thanks for following my journey

Bro W Sabri: yes, the sambal was marvellous!

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