08080808 The Amazing Ride Day Three

We are taking a break at the new bandar jeli mosque.

There is no way for us to cycle under the hot blazing sun. It's really really hot now. Hopefully it will not rain in the late afternoon.

This morning alone we have had 3 punture cases. Kamat's got flat tyre even before we started this morning. Then Nasir's bike (Alia's bike actually) also got flat tyre somewhere after lubok bungor. We stopped to patch the tyre at a small kedai kopi there. Tak de chance nak makan cendol kat situ sebab 'air batu' belum sampai lagi masa tu.

When I realised that my front tyre's air pressure was depleting, I stopped to inspect. Took out the tube but couldn't find the holes. My be the valve was not properly fixed.

The lunch of nasi kukus and air nyior was excellent.

Surprisingly we met again with the guy we had a drink with earlier in the morning when we took a break at kampung tunku abdul rahman putra sg balah.

When we had our drink there, were told that that village wa officiated by our first prime minister after the whole village was moved to the current location after being submerged during the heavy flood in '67.

Kudos to nazri for being able to cycle with us. The assistant support manager has done well considering that this was his first ride.


-akuni- said…
Memang puas baca 'jurnal'ni... semoga selamat di dalam perjalanan... and more exciting stories, of course...

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