Bestnya Kalau Tak Payah Kerja Hari Ni

How's that for the title of today's entry?

I wish I could just sit at any cafe with free WIFI and blogging away the whole day. The Dome at KLCC would be the best place. Good place, good view and ehem..... lots of beautiful chicks.

Kah kah kahh.....wishful thinking.

Quick replies to some of the comments in the earlier entries.

Why 08080808 (4x 08?)

Wan asked why I wrote four times of '08' instead of three. It's simply because there were eight of us altogether. Four male and four female riders/cyclists.

Did we cycle back to KL? How did we get back to KL?

CikRampai and AHNI asked this question.

NO. We didn't cycle back. The target was to cycle to Kota Bharu. We were ecstatic to reach destination. The journey back may not be as fun anymore!.

We took a flight back to KL via Airasia. Tickets were booked months ahead. The bikes (all 8 of them) were dismantled and packed into our support van and the van left for KL on the same evening we reached Kota Bharu.

Seronok tak?
Wan asked.

Seronok beyond words!!! Couldn't find the best and suitable superlative to describe.

It's truly an amazing and memorable journey. I enjoyed every minutes of the adventure. I had good company and met interesting people.

You are the one in blue kan?
Wan asked

Yes, I have blown my cover. Moi in blue shimano shirt. :)

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pB said…
wow !!!!!!!!!

GedeBear sungguh lar nie
shafarina said…
OOooo (for 08 x 4).

Hehe glad you've made it! Mmg wonderful feeling to achieve this, mcm sy conceive la kononnya. You have made ur children proud, mesti kat sekolah diorang bercerita pasal baba masuk paper, buat rekod.

Kepuasan, nikmat, semua2lah.

Hehe, undercover blown coz I could recognize that hidung from ur previous pic with kak long. :D
PB: tu larr, lamo tok singgoh kemari.

CikWan: fuuih, u must be very observant if u could relate with my previous pics.
Bunga Rampai said…
Lagi seronok kalau hari-hari tak kerja :D

Wow, satu inspirasi buat saya ... err, ni Gunung Senyum pun tak pi pi lagi nih :(
MA & Brood said…
Oops..sorry to miss this remarkable event!

Wah..dunno ley when was the last time I was on the saddle. I don't think I can manage even to the front gate! And you manage to cycle to/fro KB.

CikRampai: mungkin ada kesempatan di hari akan datang

MA: Thanks!

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