08080808 The Amazing Ride - Day Two

Except for the near miss at kuala lipis station, everything went out as planned.

It took us almost four hours of train ride from kuala lipis to to dabong. It was a single class (read third class) train. So there were many times that the train has to stop, wait and give way to the express trains from the other direction.

But again we reminded ourselves that we were on vacation and should think of nothing but to have fun.

Some of us spent mingling with makcik 'peraih' and the ladies selling food/snacks that walked up and down the coaches. It was not difficult to strike a conversation because we attracted curious looks from others. Definitely they know that we were from out of town. Most of them were surprised when were told that we were from kl and heading to Kota Bharu.

One makcik told us that one minah saleh bought 'buah jering' and ate it there. Kah kah kah she must have thought that jering is a kind of chewable nuts or something.

We spoke to the ticket inspector at the canteen. He is from wakaf baru but currently residing in kuala lipis. Every day he will cover the route from Tumpat to Gemas. There were many school children boarding the train. To this children taking train to school is just like the kids in town taking a bus to school. To the people in this part of the world, train may be the most affordable if not the only choice of transportation.


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