08080808 The Amazing Ride

Lunch break at kedai kopi Kow Po at Bentong. If u are from bentong then u will know that this is the place that serves the best ABC cendol in town. Many cyclists from KL would cycle from genting sempah down t bentong just to eat abc here and cycle back.

We have done 70.12km.

Ahh, kenyang....how to cycle?


shafarina said…
Oh dear, good luck and bravo to Gedebe!!!!

Wish you all a safe journey, hope you all make it within time, and come back safely.

Whoaaaa!! Undercover blown!
shafarina said…
Oh and you're the one in blue, kan? :)
Kak Teh said…
Amboi, berbasikal sakan - sebab tu lah lama tak menjenguk kak teh.
anyway, all the best!

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