Baby Baru (Part II)

Okay lah, to those who visited and left comments in my last post, this is the picture of my new baby.

Cantik tak?

When I got my previous car, I thought I was going to keep it for a very looong time. Afterall, the (previous) baby was known as the Ultimate Driving Machine, there was more reason for me to fall in love with another car. Owning a 5-series has always been my dream, what more when I got it through my own hard work, blood, sweat and tears, so to speak. Not through some APs connections.

But guys will always be guys, right? I got fed up with all the scracthes, dents and knocks that I got contributed by the uneven roads, potholes and bumps. I hate to 'crawl' over the speed breakers that were built not following proper specifications. The last straw was when after some road re-surfacing job near the my office, I could not enter the basement carpark without grazing the undercarriage of my car. So I told myself that the time has come for a change.

With the new baby, I hope my trip to this heavenly place on earth will be more frequent.

I regret I didn't keep the picture of my prevous babe before I let it go. But you can read about it here and here.

To 2nd Anonymous (dearest Sham was that you?), elle and Kak Teh who left comments in my previous post, don't worry, 'that' other baby will be arriving by end of this year. InsyaAllah.


Kak Teh said…
Betul pun tekaan kak teh! What is this thing abt Man and Machine??? and abt pix of old baby tu.hai memanglah...toksah dok regret la ni. Kalau yang lama tu dah lupa, apa baby bau! hehe...
Kak Teh,

Yes, Man and Machine - inexplicable connection.

My Wife is clueless too!

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