WARNING: This is not an update!

Okay, before you accuse me of forgetting my new year resolution, let me apologise.

I have not forgotten nor have I abandoned my resolution to blog more often. The truth is, I am busy, no I am very busy....errr actually super busy. Yeah, you may say, 'What's new about it?' Others are busy too.

The truth is, I have been strecthed thiiiin (dah lah memang kurus!) after the internal rationalisation of the 3 departments at my office. Suddenly from supervising a department of 6 lawyers and about 12 clerks, now I have to supervise 5 more lawyers and another dozen of clerical staffs. Not a good ratio isn't it? Some of them I'm still struggling to remember their names. Since the beginning of the year, I have been having two to three meetings a day, every day.

It's not like I did not try to blog. I actually have not one but four entries in draft form that I managed to write half-way, but never got them completed and uploaded.

Most of the time, after coming back home late in the evening, I asked myself whether I wanted to blog or to catch precious few hours of sleep so that I could be better prepared to face another tough day the next day. In my case, I chose the latter.

Ciao my friends. I have to catch some sleep. Gonna have a busy day tommorrow.

Have a good weekend!


~ahni~ said…
Kira update jugaklah ni OS. (yahuuu aku org pertama komen)

Dalam entry yang sebelum ni tak ingat pulak saya dah ucap tahniah ke belum kpd OS, tapi hari ini saya nak ucap 'ALL THE BEST TO U'
Anonymous said…
sokay OSH. besides, blogging is not chargeable by the hour. so i guess, prioritizing is key. hehehe...
Anonymous said…
Barangkali resolusi tahun Hijrah ialah menukar nama blog kepada ORDINARY SUPERBUSY :))

Anonymous said…

Hang kata hang superhero. Itu yang depa bagi kerja lebih tu.... he he
Waduuuh, terpukul dengan komen rakan2 bloggers!

AHNI: that's the same thing my boss said to me after the meeting when we decided to go ahead with the rationalisation.

Ibu: yeah, nobody is paying for blogging. Syiok sendiri ajelah. :(

Cik Rampai: ewah wah wah.

Bro Jiwa: biar ku menjadi liliiin...
sya said…
Apa-apapun take good care of ur health..
Kak Teh said…
osh, this is an update - so itis okay.

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