New Year Two Double 'o' Seven

I hope it is still not too late to wish all of you kind visitors, a Happy New Year.

And Salam Aidil Adha too.

Hope the new year will bring joy and lots of happiness to all of us.

This year is going to be a challenging year at the office. Last Friday, the managing partner after discussion with other partners has come to the conclusion that we need to merge and rationalise two departments to become one big division.

And that new division is to be headed by ME!.

Whilst I am honoured with the trust and their belief in me, actually I'm a bit.......concerned (for lack of better word) about it; whether or not I'm up for the challenge. The department that I am taking over has a lot of potential, but the people there were underperforming; they need constant supervison to minimise slacking; they need support and hand holding.

So looks like I'm gonna be more occupied this year. Hope I still have time to blog.

Now, let's make that as a new year resolution - TO BLOG MORE OFTEN!

God bless.


Anonymous said…

Salam Aidiladha walau dah 2 hari berlalu :)

Salam 2007 juga. Moga terus maju, dari OSH menjadi XtraOSH. Pasti boleh!

Wah, akan jadi boss? Tahniah! Saya tumpang gembira.

Bagus sekali resolusi itu ;)
Cik Rampai: resolusi itu untuk saya dan rakan blogger yang sewaktu dengan saya - and that includes you! :)
Anonymous said…
hey, i like the twist! "two double O seven". hmm..kerjanya pun'loyar, mesti kena pandai twist! hehehh.

all the best for the new year!
Anonymous said…
i like your new year resolution!
Kak Teh said…
OSH - to blog more often eh?
anyway, Happy two double oh seven!
Ibu: all the best to u too.

AnggerikMerah: hah hah, that's a challenge!

KakTeh: Happy new year to you too.
wan said…
Selamat tahun baru n tahniah eh OSH. Moga OSH dapat apa yg dihajati n dipermudahkan segala urusan.
Wan: thanks. Yang pasti, makin banyak lah grey hair yang keluar tahun ni.
Wan: thanks. Yang pasti, makin banyak lah grey hair yang keluar tahun ni.

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