Permit Renewal

It's that time of the year again - my yearly trip to the Immigration Department to renew my maid's working permit. Though so far my experience at the immigration office have been okay, but still I hate to go there.

Firstly, you could only get a parking space at LG4 and it's dark and sometimes the staircase was littered by empty alcoholic cans.

Secondly, there are so many people! I hate crowded places. And their counters and waiting areas are all packed because of  the small space.

But then what choice do I have?

My trip today was the fastest of my all previous trips. I took my number at 11.52AM and the slip showed there were four people ahead of me. Two did not turn up when their numbers were called up. When my turn came, just gave my maid's passport to the lady at the counter number 9, then made payment at counter 4, then back to counter no. 9 and .... done! In about ten minutes I were already on my way out of that dark and unkempt parking place.

Kudos to the very efficient counter service at the Immigration Department at Pusat Bandar Damansara!

One thing pending though...I need to bring my maid in person in order to apply for i-card. I have not applied for the card ever since it was introduced about two - three years ago even though the notice at the counter said that the employers were required to apply for their maids.

Some other time lah.!


MA said…
I hear you OSH! I really, really hate going to LP4 or even 5! Kdg2 I park saja kat tempat polis tu (next to the lift). So far I tak pernah kena more than 15 minutes kat sana bab renewals lah.

About i-card, i think that is just a way for some supplier to get a quick buck sebab after my maid dtg semula last yr, she had to apply for a new i-card exactly 1 mth lepas masuk lepas dpt entry permit tu...then fill up the form and we were told to wait for the letter to come and collect the card.

What I dont understand is :

1. Why we cannot apply/register for the card the same time we renew the permit? Save all the trouble to come back, bwk maid sekali etc

2. why can't they issue the card immediately (mcm bank issue ATM cards tu) cos by the time card siap - which is 1-2-3 months later), before long it is time to repeat the process all over again.

Again, unnecessary trips to the Immigration dept.
MA said…
and btw - this year pun I belum apply for the i-card though the permit was renewed last Dec. Like you, lain kali aje lah!
MA: ha ha least I am not alone. My answer to you for qn no. 1 is - because they need new photo of your maid with white background!!! hah ha ha. Passport background merah, permit background biru, i-card background putih. But so far my maid does not encounter any problem without i-card, so I do not know when my next trip to the immigration office will be.
pB said…

thx for the info
hik hik hik
tak pernah ada maid , tu yang tak tau tuuuu
sya said…
hish.. kak sya pun tak suka parking kat PBD tu negeri and kalau jauh ke bawah lagik gelap and stale smell kekadang ada air leaking lagik.. mcm masuk dlm gua mana.
PB: Molek benar la tu kalu tok payoh ado maid ni.

K'Sya: betul tu...
~akuni~ said…
Nape x buat komplen kat imigresen psl keadaan kat LP4 tu (isi feedback form je)... cuba try test tengok, ada action tak...

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