How's School?

Thank God it's already Friday! Akid was happy because today was the last day of school day of the week.

So far, he didn't miss a day yet. But every morning he would have caused heart attack to his Ibu. No sooner than the second day of schooling, he woke up and declared to his Ibu that, "Akid nak cuti...."

After rounds of coaxing, pujuking, carrying around - sampai ke bilik air bla, bla bla - Alhamdulillah dia pergi jugak la ke sekolah.

The third day was also the same drama. That prompted me to take down our house calendar and showed him that his off day would only start on Saturday. I marked them clearly so that he could look forward to the weekend.

See this.....

Akid's Calendar

I purposely wrote big letters "AKID CUTI" for him to see. Yesterday the smart boy made a deal with me.

"Baba, kalau Akid pegi sekolah lama-lama boleh la Baba beli apa-apa"

"OK, nanti Baba beli apa-apa untuk Akid."

Since that "apa-apa" could mean just about anything, I was quick to add, "....tapi tak leh yang mahal-mahal tau, tiga ringgit setengah saja tau...."

"OK!". Akid happily agreed.

[How I came up with RM3.50? Aku pun aku tak tau]

Meanwhile, Kak Chik was very good. The first to go to bed at night and the easiest to get up to the washroom in the morning. I went to check on her at the school during the recess time for the first two days.

My wife went to see her during the break for the next two days. We agreed that since school hours is short on Friday, so no more visit from either my Wife or myself.

Now, the next challenge is to get down with the time tables for additional classes for Kak Long who will be sitting or UPSR this year. She is currently being tutored by a lady teacher who comes to our house twice a week and another one session at the teacher's house. So far her school has not come up with any circulars on extra classes.

Alahai, kesian anak Baba!


sya said…
OSH.. budak pompuan selalu lebih senang dr anak lelaki kalau pepagi, up till now Arif still susah nak bangun pagi be it cuti atau tidak
MA said…
Betul cakap Sya tu - budak perempuan lebih berdisiplin, the boys ni auta dia lebih sikit - at least for my boys laa...hehe.
pB said…
Anak pB semuanya dah sekoloh.

Kak Lang pB sama umur dengan Kak Long O.S.H

Hmmm ...
Justiffa said…
OS - when you say school i can now say, 'what school ?'... maklum la akak dah naik satu level, no more school going kids yay ;)

Usahakan la yg terbaik utk anak2 OS, whatever the outcome we'd have done our part :D
K'Sya & MA: the boys memang kaki auta...jangan sampai besar pun camtu sudah lah.

PB: awak start awal...

Kak RK: still loooong waaay to go for me.

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