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Subject: Labour day blues...

Salam..why labour day blues???..sbb masa cuti tu my whole family was happy, pi outing and pi khenduri and all,but yesterday masa masuk opis there is something which wasn't there before..the feeling of tension and uneasiness among the so-called colleagues of mine.

Well, bang to tell u the truth, I had a new immediate boss now, my course coordinator. Previously the post was held by a junior male colleague but he did a superb job, in my personal opinion. i was not tense and always willing to help him out. but early march, boss udah tukar kpd a lady who is few years my senior. in my opinion she complained toooo much about this and that and in myyy opinion la, dia terlalu berkira dalam membuat kerja. the sense of sukarela tu kurang, and everything done must either be rewarded pecuniaryly or through some kind of recognition.

Now, mind you i m not that baik and sukarela..tapi if you terlalu berkira sangat, i mula rasa curiga kenapa you buat ni, sbb gaji and pangkat or sbb this is part of your job. somehow i feel dia tak seikhlas my previous boss and it bothers me a lot...to work under this kind of person. i told Din about this and his advice was i m being too prejudiced against the lady and i should give her time. which is true,but i have been working with her for the past 9 years and still don't feel her as VERY likeable but i guess beteer her than me, the panas baran person. tapi tu lah Bang, oleh kerana our dept ada 6 org lecturers and 5 are women so can guess now when a woman is at the top post, there is an aura of tension and also there's jealousy and buttering up and also favouritism. i dislike working in this kind of environment but i had to go through it. just this morning i found out that a friend that i thought i could trust had been badmouthing me to that lady. she was in agreement when i voiced out certain things but now i heard from somebody that she said she "rimas" with my presence. now,don't that take u by surprise?????any advice?? besides don't get involved in office politics, just like what Din told me and don't gossip nor voice out your opinion too strongly.

Now bear in mind dearie that the environment is very differnt from waht i am used to in <***H*K>. i can bet my last dime if my dept office's boy, if he were to work in <***H*K> he would be fired by the next week or month with his kind of attitude. but here they last about say 14 years...now u know why the govt system is soooo slow.

Ok lah Bang, populasi kat opis dah nak bertambah, had to stop takut nnti grapevine lagi juicy. till then au revoir and take care.salam utk the whole "brady bunch"hehehe..we all kat sini ok and sihat esp mak dia. lupa lak....i tak pi lah sbb banyak kali dah pi KL but say if i go i will call u k. Adioos for now ..wassallam.

P.S. my conclusion i work better under a male boss.

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Subject: Labour day blues...

My dearest of all,

Your conclusion (that you work better under a male boss) has said it all. So I rest my case my Lordships. Heh heh heh. :).

So come back to <***H*K> and WORK WITH ME AND NOT WORK FOR ME - sounds all too familiar? Yeah, what a whole lot of craps.

So let's consider the options available -

(1) Sabar
(2) Sabaar
(3) Sabaaaaaaaar

Not workable?

Ok, then may be we should consider other options -

(4) Just shut yourself out and mind your own business
(5) It's time to gang up and create your own clique so that you could just ignore / boycott this so called colleague of yours up until such time she comes back begging be re-inducted in your circle of friends again
(6) It's time to retaliate - make up all the stories, I mean lots of them (the juicer the better) about this so called colleague so much so that she could not do other things but to defend and explain herself to other people and so that she does not have time to badmouth you any more.

My dearest dearest,

The truth is, I'm never good at dishing out advice on this type of problem. If you give me legal problem then I know where to find the statutes, case laws and precedents so that I could give you the most appropriate legal advice. But for this one, my best advice would have been similar to what your Hubby had said.

And I'm pretty sure that you will not even consider options (4), (5) and (6) at all. You are just not that type of person.

So just be your normal self, consider this thing as nothing but part and parcel of life that won't bother you a bit. Life is too short to be bothered about these small irritants.


(T) 6-03-<***>
(F) 6-03-<***>


So what's your advice?


~ahni~ said…
OS bagi advice ada charge tak?

just like the office boy, ur friend can also easily last say another 9 years...

i guess just play along...
AHNI - ya, may be just play along. But for how long?
fida said…
hmm yang benar diri sendiri. takkisah la kalau kerja ngan bos perempuan ke bos lelaki ke sama je. I've experience working with FIVE woman bosses, yang pertama ala mak cik-mak cik bebel tak sudah asyik kerja dia nak bagi memo je. penyudah setiap kali dia masuk bilik tekan punta keyboard dengan selamba je acik cakap "ha tu nak tulis memo lah tu kan!" terus mak cik tu sentap.

bos yang perempuan yang lain ok je, gamaknya takut nak marah acik sebab acik beso gabak dari dia agaknya. but I had better relationship with two of them. kinda like sisters, so to speak. now my immediate boss is a 40 years old guy who is also like abang type. so I don't complaint la. jangan tak tau ada gak bos lelaki ni yang ngumat and gossip macam perempuan.

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