Malaysia 2 Denmark 3

So close. But yet we let it slipped away.

Malaysia lost to the Danes in the semi final Thomas Cup 2006 held in Tokyo Japan a short while ago. After beating South Korea 3-2 in the quarter final, I thought this could be our best chance to go all the way to the final since we managed to avoid clashing with the Indons in the second semi-final tie today.

My client showed me SMS he received during a meeting in the afternoon that the Indons were beaten 3 - 0. We quickly wrapped up the meeting and I headed home early to catch the semi-final match. Hafiz Hashim was losing his second game when I reached home before he lost in the rubber game. That made it 2-1 for Denmark.

The veteran pairs of Tan Fook-Wan Wah took the stage later to level the score.

It was then left to the rookie Kuan Beng Hong to clinch the winning point. He has to win the second game to bring the match to the rubber game. And he almost pulled it off before losing the second game 21-19.

Aaargh. Tension nya.

**for the record, Choong Han suffered a ruptured tendon injury in the quarter-finals.


Anak-anak ku,

Ayah rasa kurang setuju dengan cara pengiraan mata yang baru diperkenalkan oleh IBF. Kenapa IBF asyik menukar cara pengiraan mata permainan. Kenapa tak kekalkan saja format 15 mata (best of three)?. Beberapa tahun yang lalu IBF memperkenalkan format 7 mata (best of five). Sekarang ni format 21 mata - best of three pulak.

Format pengiraan sekarang tidak memberi sebarang kelebihan (advantage) kepada yang memenangi servis. Dan tiada lagi 'second server' dalam perlawanan bergu.

Adakah ini kerana tuntutan sponsors dan kehendak hak penyiaran TV? Kalau macam tu Ayah rasa mungkin kita kena tukar format pengiraan sepak takraw kita jadi macam format pengiraan mata dalam permainan volleyball kot, baru lah permainan sepak takraw boleh lebih terkenal seantero dunia.

Mungkin dengan cara begitu si Beckham pun nak jadi tekong main takraw.


Kak Teh said…
Oh no, missed this match! but i dont think it was televised here. Taka apalah, kalau tidak kak teh tension habis!
UglyButAdorable said…
ya allah..bro hero..punyerlah tension.. i just missed the 1st single when i got home. This is the first thomas cup i watched since 1992 kot?? blur skejab when reached 14 ump tak cakap game point...didn't know they've changed so much.
KakTeh - memang tensionnnn. Tapi tak de rezeki.

U.B.Adorable - yes, they have changed the scoring format twice in the last five years.
sya said…
kak sya tenguk minit2 terakhir pun tension.
ayong said…
i was afraid to watch..takut kena sakit jantung. mase quarter final pun dah dupdapdupdap...
K'Sya - sabar je lah. Itulah kalau kita terlalu mengharap to re-capture the Thomas Cup.

Ayong - salam and selamat datang. badminton bukan untuk yang lemah semangat. Especially for the fast-paced double game.
And who should I root for? Dah le main kat my hometown. Erm, my ORIGINAL hometown, that is. Sekarang ada hometown baru dah.

It's times like these that make me glad I don't have dual citizenship.

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