I know I have not been updating my blog as frequent as I wish. Same old reasons...sibuk, busy, tersangat la busy bla bla bla...

But that does not stop me from checking out my own blog. I still have the urge to click on my blog after having visited some of my favourite blogs in my bookmarks tab.

Not sure whether it's funny or crazy or some kind of addiction or blog withdrawal syndrome or something....


New Passport

Finally I managed to squeeze my time and went to Immigration office to renew my passport. My passport died, I mean expired since June 2007.

Ini pun terpaksa.

Work commitments requires me to travel. The last time that I went out of the country was during the month of Ramadhan, in year 2005 - when I went to Saudi to do my umrah.


And in order to ensure that I will not be stopped by the immigration at the exit gate, I have to part with a sum of more than RM29,000.00 to pay my outstanding income tax to the Government. See.....I am a law abiding citizen. Never fail to pay my tax one.....



This receipt of payment is to certify that I owe the Government NOTHING!. Thank you


MA and Brood said…
Aduhai...nak buat e-filing ni la yang lomah. I know I have to part with some dosh for tax eventhough dah bayar PCB - geram aje tengok our hard earned money given away to gomen..

29k? OK la tu - try imagine the AIG executives yang dapat bonus juta-juta tu, the US gomen set the tax at 90%. Ciput aje dapat...but they deserve it, dah la company nak bengkrap and kena bailout - sedap2 diorg nak dapat bonus ye..
MA and Brood said…
and oh, buat sepapot tu nak pergi mana pulak?
Dear MA: the problem is I do not opt for PCB - nanti terlebih bayar gomen will take donkey years to refund. :)

29K was the sum outstanding for the last few years, I paid part of it sometime ago. As for the AIG guys, they really deserve it. If it happens in Malaysia I will be the first to hold street demonstration, cheewaah.

Nak pegi mana? Nak gi tengok Piramid (kalau sempat la kan in between the meetings).
Bunga Rampai said…
Oh, kebetulan ...
Saya pun selalu lambat update blog dengan alasan yang sama.

Mujur sebut passport. Saya baru perasan passport saya juga tak lama lagi akan mati. Terima kasih entri ni.

Salam :)
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