Ramadhan 2008 - Day 5

Today is.........

Today is the 5th day of Ramadhan (tak lama lagi nak raya?)
Today is Friday (means longer lunch/prayer break)
Today is also SOGO card members' sale!

It's a bad bad combinations.

It's combination of traffic chaos!. From 15th floor of my office building I could hear horns blaring non stop from cars/buses stuck in the traffic jam since the morning.

This is Crazy.

I think I wanna leave office early today.


Have received your Hari Raya Greeting Card yet?

I got mine on the 3rd day of Ramadhan.

It was from someone who was one of the founding partners of my firm who, more than thirty years ago, established this law firm that I am currently with. He was once a cabinet minister of the previous administration and now busy with his property development business.

Ah....now I have to start looking at the lists of names of my muslim clients and friends.


~akuni~ said…
Alamat semua dah hilang entah ke mana... nak hantar kad raya apa lagi... :-(
sya said…
Kak sya stucked in the jem kat area Jalan Semarak hampir 3 jam.. giler sungguh..

kad raya.. hari pertama raya dah ada org bagi by hand
shafarina said…
Belum dapat lagi.

Tahun ni tak hantar kot as usual.

Sedih pasal 3-4 tahun hantar, takde sorang pun sms @ call. Kita aja ingat kat depa.
CikAHNI: alamak...problem tu

K'Sya: yes the jam was indeed terrible that day.

CikWan: I send out mostly to clients, kawan2 hantar email/sms aje.
Salam Ramadhan,

Jenguklah shopping blog kita.
~akuni~ said…
Bulan ini ada orang dalam family you yang birthday kan? Happy Birthday ya...
ROSA: ok. will ask my mem to surf through your stuffs.

CikAHNI: wahhh, i am pleasantly surprised. Yes, Abg Akmal's birthday falls on 12th.

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