Overreact? Or Pure Stupidity

I pity those who were caught by the terrible traffic jam on Monday.

Blame it to the Police, the Home Minister and of course the PM himself.

If the idea was to get the people pissed off and blame it to the opposition for inconveniencing the public, then I think the idea flopped big time. In fact, it rebound and hit the authorities. The sentiments on the ground were such that people knew that there was no gathering planned on Monday and yet the police started the roadblocks since Sunday. Making announcement after announcement over the radio to warn the people not to join the rally. The magistrate even worked over time (or made to work??) on Sunday to grant a court order to bar DSAI from being anywhere near 5km radius from the Parliament house.

The Home Minister even made reference to two blogs that supposedly called for 'illegal' rally to be held on Monday. One belongs to YB Zul Nordin and the other one belongs to a Malaysian in Dubai. Go and check out their blog entries before the stated day for yourself and make your own conclusion.

Were they (the authorities) paranoid? Paranoid I am not sure, but plain stupid....YES.


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