The Debate

So did you watch the debate last night?

"Basically Anwar is saying that if we don’t have enough cloth to make a shirt, we can cut some from the curtain, some from the bed sheet, etc, and we can get a shirt. That’s fighting spirit. Shabery is just throwing his hands up and saying there is nothing we can do, everyone is facing the same problem, talking is easy, blah, blah, blah! If Malaysia is to survive in this competitive global environment we need fighters like Anwar!"

The above excerpt was one of the comments posted in Anil Netto's live commentary on the debate. I totally agreed with the comment.

I was still in the office when a friend of mine reminded me of the live telecast. I rushed back as fast as I could as I didn't want to miss the much anticipated debate. Someone was willing to risk his ministerial post for the debate.

My verdict? Mengecewakan.

Personally, I think Anwar was not at his best. He seemed overly cautious to let his steam off his chest. And as for Shaberry, he tried to play to the gallery only that he forgot he was not at Kedai Kopi in Kemamang! He dodged the questions, didn't give satisfactory answers and worst, he tried to hit below the belt. Truly the antics of pembesar u*mNo.

I thought when he showed his willingness to face Anwar in a live debate, Shaberry would mobilise all his resources to get his facts, figures and everything he could to support the views of the Government he representing. That's why I said I was totally disappointed. Come on lah mister minister, this is not debat kedai kopi laaaa. Please have some respect to our intelligence.

And lo and behold! Shaberry 's side-kick was even the worst of all. What? He's a VC of our local University? I think he's trying his luck to be nominated as calon pilihanraya yang ke 13.

Read other commentary here.


-akuni- said…
Eh... rakyat semuanya pun bukan lah bijak pandai... rakyat semua don't use their brains... no need facts and figures... just talk-talk only... and we say we are going to be a developed nation?
bunga rampai said…
Oh yeah, I did!

Satu debat yang mengecewakan, hanya menunjukkan kelemahan pemimpin kita - berhujah bersandarkan emosi.
sya said…
malas sebenarnya nak mendengar.. meyakitkan telinga dan hati aje

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