Cuti Sekolah

Cuti sekolah dah bermula. Yeay!

The best thing about school holidays is that the morning traffic is very very smooth. There is no unnecessary tension while driving to work.

The not so good part is that I am always be under undue pressure to take leave and the kids keep asking when are we going back to kampung. During the last school break, their uncle came over to KL and drove everybody back to Melaka and I only went back to fetch them on the last day of the school break.

This time around, the kids said they wanted to go back to Kelantan and spend the holidays with their cousins in Pasir Mas and KB. And I'm still trying to finish up all outstanding works on my table.

Mmmm, may be there are some truth when people close to me told me that I am a workaholic. I find it hard to take a break from work even though I know taking a break is good for my body and good for my mind and definitely good for my family too. Sigh.....

Ok, I'm going to take leave.....yes, I'm going to take leave. But first, need to renew my driving licence - I just realised my licence expired on 11th of last month. Blame it to the heaps of works and crazy deadlines.


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